Sometimes when travelling you just have to treat yourself to a bit of luxury, and high tea at the Royal Livingstone Hotel was just that.

The Royal Livingstone is a 5 star hotel on the banks of the Zambezi river just before Victoria Falls.

High tea is served at 3pm everyday, and basically includes all you can eat cakes, pastries,savouries and teas for two hours, and at a cost of only $20. Not bad!

You can book a stay (or just see what it’s like) at the Royal Livingstone Hotel here.



High Tea at the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia


Walking into the hotel you see how fancy the place is, and when you walk into the tea room area you are greeted by a heavenly selection of cakes and desserts.





Opposite the dessert table is the pastry and savoury table, with mini quiches and various other tasty treats.



Pastries and savoury delights.


Having ‘dressed’ up for the occasion, you soon discover that the actual guests of the hotel are wearing swimming shorts around.

But it is nice to be a little nice for a change, after looking like a dishevelled backpacker all the time!

Sitting down outside the waiter asks you for what tea you would like. There are many to choose from, and after ordering you can then proceed to raid the food section.


Sitting outside for high tea.

Sitting outside for high tea.


Not knowing where to start at the food section,  and in order to get the maximum amount of the all-you-can-eat, it was an immediate two plate decision, cakes on one and pastries on another.

Savouring the flavours as they were rather quickly devoured one was transported to food heaven.

Figuring the best way  to taste as many as possible, fellow travellers would get a cake and share some.

This way you could figure out fast what your favourites are without getting too full, and then go and get one for yourself.


A fellow traveler savours the taste of tiramisu.

The taste of tiramisu.


Having moved inside, it was time to cut the big cakes. The cakes look so amazing and pretty, but they were there to be eaten, let the cutting commence!


Pretty cake.

Good looking cake.


Cake being cut.

Cutting away.


They were extremely delicious.

This is an expensive five star hotel after all, and the food was top notch. Gleefully you can cut cake after cake with joy.


Myself enjoying the cake cutting.

Myself enjoying the cake cutting.


After copious amounts of tea and cake, you do your best to keep going, but are comfortably full.

Going back outside, the sun starts too set and shines a beam of light over the pool in the garden by the river.


royal livingstone zambia


There is a wooden sun-deck down by the Zambezi river with a bar.

Sitting there for a nice cold lager to help wash down the food, it’s very peaceful to sit around chatting and enjoying the sun vanishing behind the clouds, as the cool breeze chills you after a hot day.


People relax on the sun-deck at the Royal Livingstone.

People relax on the sun-deck at the Royal Livingstone.


With hippos in the river in front, and the spray of Victoria Falls ahead, this is a great way to end the day. Compare this to another great Zambian experience like being out on safari, and you can appreciate the difference.

If you are ever around Livingstone in Zambia, it is definitely worth your while to stop into the Royal Livingstone Hotel for a delicious high tea experience.

Go ahead, treat yourself!

You can book a stay (or just see what it’s like) at the Royal Livingstone Hotel here.


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