This page used to be ‘about me’, but I have gotten married since I started Backpackingman several years ago, and now I travel with my wife (Sidra in the photo above with me) everywhere.

Now it’s about us…


But here’s my original ‘about me’ section from when I first started to give you an idea how all this came about in the first place.

The travel bug, or whatever you may call it, got me at a young age. I grew up as a child moving around different countries due to my fathers work, and that set the theme for the rest of my life.

By the age of twenty, back in 1997, I was ready to go exploring the world by myself, and headed out on my first backpacking trip, which took me to Egypt.

After only a few weeks I knew this was the life for me. Working there as a film extra for a while, I realised there was no real reason to go back home.

And so ever since I have been travelling the world and living abroad.

My travels have taken me throughout Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, North and South America.

I travel light packing just what is essential. It’s part of a life philosophy:

The less you have, the less you have to worry about.

Minimalist travel is the lifestyle that I have chosen.

I travel on a low budget, not just to save money, but it also tends to steer you more to where the locals are, giving a more interactive experience with the country you are in.

I love getting off the beaten path as much as possible, as there’s an adventure to it that can’t be beat.

Whether you travel through others, such as by reading blogs like mine, or get out to explore yourself, it is through these journeys that we can get to know the cultures and environments of the world better.

Travelling has taught me so much about life, has given me so many lessons, and I want to share some of what I have learned with you.

Here I aim to provide guides to help you plan for your own adventures, as well as inspirational stories, and general life advice.

I have a serious medical condition with a blood clot malformation in my brainIt hasn’t stopped me living the dream life that I have always wanted though.


And now for the new ‘about ‘us’…


These days I travel with my wife (Sidra). We met on our travels, fell in love, and both want to explore as much of the world as we can.

We got married in a castle ( 🙂 ) in the U.K. in a SteampunkVictorian themed wedding.


victorian wedding


Just goes to show that travel can bring you so much joy to your life.

You can see all articles about the countries visited on my destinations page.

If like me you have a big interest in Japan then take a read of my Japan guide.

You can follow us on our other website which is dedicated to fitness and health which we both love.

Happy and safe travels!

Jonny and Sidra


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