10 Off The Beaten Track Adventures in 2019 To Have

Off the beaten path adventures are the dream of the intrepid traveller. After over 20 years of exploring the world I have had many. When you make the effort to get away from the tourist crowds you can find some very rewarding travel opportunities. Some adventures are...

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Why You Should Go Backpacking in Budapest

Budapest is easily one of the best cities in Europe, but to call it one of the best for travellers is a big claim. But if you plan to go backpacking in Europe then backpacking in Budapest is the perfect place. Here's why you should go backpacking in...

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10 Cool Places in Japan To Visit

There are some really cool places in Japan I have yet to see for myself. So I reached out to some fellow travel bloggers that have been there, to ask them what the think is some of the best places in Japan that they loved. Having spent several months travelling around...

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Svalbard Northern Lights & Other Svalbard Winter Activities

There's something magical in the winter months in the northern latitudes and that is the appearance of the northern lights, and in this case the Svalbard northern lights. The sky lights up in green, or sometimes other colours, as charged particles enter the magnetic...

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