Victoria Falls Activities (The Best Ones To Do)

Victoria falls activities microlight

Looking for some awesome activities at Victoria Falls to do?

Great! I have spent several days there over 2 different trips and these are my favourite things to do at Victoria Falls that I highly recommend for you to do (plus some extra ones).

This isn’t a complete list of all activities at Victoria Falls as there are a bunch and most travellers would have only a few days there.

But they are the most popular things to do and what I did so here you go.

This is based on going from the Zambia side of Victoria Falls not the Zimbabwe side.

The Best Victoria Falls Activities in Zambia


Arranging The Activities At Victoria Falls


I’ve added links throughout this article (affiliate) to where you can book the tours for the activities if you want to.

The company I link to is my favourite tour guide company and highly recommended.

The Victoria Falls activities prices range from the not so bad (Zambezi River Cruise) to the more expensive (helicopter flying). It all depends on your budget and what you want to do.

I very much recommend if you only had two choices the white water rafting and Devils Pool (to be close to the edge of the falls). 



1. Zambezi White Water Rafting at Victoria Falls

White water rafting is one of the most fun adrenaline activities you can do anywhere and white water rafting the Zambezi River below the mighty Victoria Falls is an adrenaline hit that’s hard to beat!

The rapids go up to grade 6 (the highest grade anywhere) but the grade 6 rapid you will carry the raft around it as it’s too dangerous.

There are around 25 rapids in total and a few are grade 5’s where you will get tossed around a lot 🙂

Some very gnarly rapid conditions on a grade 5 rapid!

Victoria falls activities white water rafting
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It is hard work paddling for the whole day but so worth it.

If you’re worried about being a beginner don’t be. It was my first time white water rafting and it was a blast!

They have back-up safety rafts and kayakers to keep an eye on you if you do fall out of the raft (I fell out twice to much embarrassment).

Paddling hard!

white water rafting Victoria Falls
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One part you have to carry the raft around as it’s a grade 6 rapid and too dangerous!

white water rafting Zambezi River
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There are 2 options for the white water rafting: a half day trip or full day trip.

Personally I did the full day and that’s the one I highly recommend as it was so much fun and one of the best adventure experiences you can have.

Oh, and there are crocodiles…

Book a full day white water rafting trip here.



2. Microlight Flying at Victoria Falls

Flying a microlight over Victoria Falls is the other highlight for the activities at Victoria Falls that I did.

There are 2 options for it: a 15 minutes flight or 30 minutes. I chose the first option as it is half the price of the longer flight and still gave a great experience.

It’s awesome seeing the falls from above.

Victoria falls activities microlight
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Flying across the Zambezi River on the microlight and seeing the wildlife below and the vastness of the area is breathtaking and worth it for this alone.

A mini aerial safari of the Zambezi River on the way back spotting hippos.

microlight flying Zambezi River
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If the thought of being so free in the microlight doesn’t appeal to you, or you just want the experience of being up in a helicopter, you can do a helicopter flight over the falls as well.

It’s called the Flight of Angels. I didn’t do it but if I wasn’t keen one the microlight flight I would have done the helicopter instead for sure.

Book a Flight of Angels Helicopter Experience here.

You can find out more about the microlight here with price options etc.


3. Devils Pool Victoria Falls

Not one for those afraid of heights (well the last part of the trip anyway).

The Devils Pool at Victoria Falls is a deep hole right next to the edge of the falls.

You can walk or swim out to the falls from Livingstone Island and relax (if you can) with a view down the falls.


Yes you can hang of the side for an epic pic (friend in this one).

devils pool Victoria Falls
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It’s a real fun time and is what I would consider a ‘must do’ activity at Victoria Falls to get so up close and feel the power as close as you could be.

With the group I was with in the Devils Pool.

devils pool Livingstone Zambia
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Just do it 🙂

Book a Devils Pool tour here.



4. Chobe Safari Day Trip From Victoria Falls

A safari at Victoria Falls sounds good but the best option is to actually head to Chobe National Park in neighbouring Botswana as it’s so close to Victoria Falls and makes a great day trip.

It’s a premier safari destination and I saw several lions there.

Elephants by the river in Chobe National Park.

chose safari from Livingstone
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Out of all the safaris I did across Africa (over 30) I can highly recommend heading to Chobe for the day if wildlife is your thing.

If you plan on going to Botswana anyway after Victoria Falls then don’t bother with the day trip, just do it when you get to Botswana anyway.

Book a Chobe day trip safari here


5. Bungee Jumping at Victoria Falls

Ok I’ll admit I bottled this one, partly because (yes I admit it) I had never bungee jumped before, and due to my budget had to choose which activities I did and didn’t (backpacking for a long time). 

However I did have fun watching others jumping and would definitely do it if back again!

The bridge for the bungee jumping at Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls bungee jump
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They also have a zip line and gorge swing options as well. Man Victoria Falls is so much fun 🙂

Book a bungee jump here.

Here’s a fun video showing you what it’s like bungee jumping at Victoria Falls:


Adventure travel tip: Take travel insurance!

Seriously if you’re doing any adventurous activity get some travel insurance for your travels just in case. 

Take insurance anyway for whatever you do. I had a serious medical emergency when travelling and thankfully I had insurance otherwise it would have cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars in medical fees.

I use World Nomads and highly recommend them as one of the best and they also can provide you insurance even if you have left home already.

Get a quote for your trip here:



Relaxing Time…



6. High Tea at The Royal Livingstone Hotel

This is definitely the opposite of the other activities mentioned but is the perfect way to unwind for an afternoon.

One of the most luxurious hotels in Africa, and right next to the Zambezi River, it is the place to go for some true indulgence.

They have the best cakes I have eaten in Zambia and the atmosphere is classical and sublime.

Cutting one of the cakes.

high tea royal Livingstone hotel
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Sit out on the front porch and watch the Zambezi River flow past as you enjoy tea, cakes, and the location.

The high tea is an afternoon thing only and lasts for 2 hours from 14.00 until 16.00 where you can have all you can eat cakes and tea for $20 (price may change)!

You can just show up don’t need to book ahead.

Get your best clothes on you have with you for the high tea.

high tea royal Livingstone hotel
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Fell like treating yourself while in Livingstone? Why not book a room at the Royal Livingstone Hotel and live it up for a night (or however long). 🙂




7. Watch The Sunset By The Zambezi River

It doesn’t get more chilled than this…

Grab a cool beer, wine, or whatever and sit down and watch the sun go down over the fast flowing waters of the Zambezi River with the sounds of hippos snorting in the distance.

This is actually an excellent add on to the Royal Livingstone Hotel high tea as you can chill down on their river deck after tea time is finished.

The sunset will come soon enough and is a great ending to your time at Victoria Falls.

Sunset on The Zambezi River.

Zambezi River sunset Livingstone Zambia
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Another option is to go on a Zambezi sunset cruise.

The cruise lasts for around 2 and a half hours and you will get the chance to see hippos(not guaranteed but highly likely) in the water and (obviously given the name) watch the sunset from the boat on the Zambezi.

Sunset as seen from the boat.

zambezi sunset cruise
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Book a sunset cruise on the Zambezi here.



Have Fun At Victoria Falls!

So get your adrenaline on and get out on some Victoria Falls trips!

Let me know in the comments what tours you got up to.

Looking for a Victoria Falls Hotel to stay at? Check out these options:


If you’re interested in more safaris in Africa then this is my in-depth guide to safaris in East Africa along with a safari packing list.

And this is my favourite guidebook for Zambia. It’s a travel guide company that I have written for and is my favourite overall guidebook company.

If you liked this article about activities at Victoria Falls a share would be cool! 🙂

best Victoria Falls activities Livingstone Zambia
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