Want to go white water rafting at Victoria Falls? Excellent! White water rafting at Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River is awesome as you go running down 25 rapids below the power of Victoria Falls.

White water rafting at Victoria Falls is on grade 5 rapids.

To give you an idea in case you don’t know a grade 6 rapid is the highest grade.

As a complete beginner to white water rafting, a grade 5 rapid run on the mighty Zambezi River could seem like a bad idea, but it’s not too technical, so it can be done.




White Water Rafting at Victoria Falls



As for how to go about this white water rafting adventure it’s easy enough to do.


You can book a white water rafting trip at Victoria Falls online here.



The Beginning: White Water Rafting The Zambezi



After a brief safety briefing (of which you will most likely remember almost nothing about when thrown into a grade 5 rapid), you are put into teams and descend into a gorge below Victoria Falls to get into your boat.



Getting into the boats in the gorge at Victoria Falls.


Paddling out for the first time is extremely exciting as if you’re a beginner like me you will not have a clue what it will be like.

Getting the first taste going through a grade 1 rapid a big smile will most likely creep onto your face.

You know this is going to be super fun!


white water rafting at Victoria Falls

Paddling away!


white water rafting Victoria Falls

Heading across a big rapid.


The guide in the back shouts instructions on what to do, wether to paddle forwards ,backwards, or get down for a big rapid drop.

Trying to keep up with what’s been said when being thrown around inside a big rapid can be rather comical, watching everyone paddling every which way for their lives.

Starting off gradually the rapids then get more and more difficult, with the excitement building and building.

Now you get to throw out words only seen in surfer movies: gnarly! awesome! etc.

Watching other boats flip ahead of you on a rapid is not exactly the thing you want to see before hitting that rapid.

And seeing others fall off the boat and start drifting down the river bounced around, lends a certain dread, but mostly adrenaline.

Speaking of flipping if you are planning any water based activities at Victoria Falls then it’s a good idea to get a waterproof backpack.


white water rafting Victoria Falls

Almost tipping over in the raft.


If you fall out of the raft a rescue boat will come and grab you before you go floating the rest of the Zambezi by yourself., and mini kayaks rush in to get you as well.

Safe and sound, although with a lot of the Zambezi river in your mouth, you will rejoin your raft and continue on (if like me you fell out!)


white water rafting Victoria Falls

Kayaks come in to help with the rescue of people thrown out of the raft.



Adventure tip!

Make sure you have travel insurance before doing any kind of activating like white water rafting in case something goes wrong.

I use World Nomads and have found them to be excellent.

Get a travel insurance quote:



At one of the rapids you have to stop to walk around it as it is too hard for beginners, or even experienced rafters. It’s a grade 6 rapid (also known as a suicide rapid) and you can watch some of the kayakers try out their luck on it.

Stopping for a short break to have lunch, again with slightly sore arms from the paddling, you continue on.


white water rafting Victoria Falls

Watching kayakers go down a grade 6 rapid.


Between rapids there is normally a few minutes of calm waters where you paddle and drift with the current.

This is very peaceful with the gorges walls high above you, and you can even get in from time to time to float downstream.

Then with a big rapid coming up again, you scramble back in the raft.


white water rafting Victoria Falls

Dropping into a grade 5 rapid.


Entering a grade 5 rapid is hard to describe, but lets use the word gnarly one more time!


Rapid number 18. Thats what you will hear from the guide. Asking why it is their favourite rapid you will be told it’s known as the rapid where most rafts flip over!

With that in mind you enter it.


white water rafting Victoria Falls


Of course not all rafts will flip over. However that does not mean that some people may get washed overboard.


white water rafting Victoria Falls

I wonder who fell over the side on the right into a grade 5 rapid. Oops. Yeah I fell ๐Ÿ˜›


Swallowing half the Zambezi river is not so much fun when getting swirled around like in a washing machine for a while.

But drifting downstream is certainly fun.


Zambezi River

Drifting with the fast Zambezi River current.


A guy on a kayak paddles ahead of you to get into a position to take photos. Ignore those large rapids ahead, wave for the camera!


white water rafting Victoria Falls

Hello from the Zambezi river!


With your arms becoming rather tired after several hours out on the river, being thrown all over the place and paddling hard, you reach the end.


white water rafting Victoria Falls



White water rafting at Victoria Falls is a must do experience if you love adrenaline and nature.

It’s so much fun. You could call it awesome!



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You can organise white water rafting at Victoria Falls with this guide company. Be aware when booking to check if it’s a half day or a full day trip. I did the full day and recommend that one.

If they don’t do a full day trip on all 25 rapids then check with your hotel/hostel in Livingstone to book it.

Guidebook I recommend for Victoria Falls and Zambia.

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white water rafting Victoria Falls


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