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Victoria Falls And The Devils Pool

Want to hang over the side of Victoria Falls? I did just that…

It’s one of the greatest waterfalls in the world. However visiting at the end of the dry season, as I did, the water is low and not as impressive as it would be in full flow.

Having said that there are other benefits to be had that you can only do in dry season.

The main one is a visit to the devils pool.

This gives you the opportunity to walk across the edge of the falls, to a small pool that you can bathe in right next to a drop that would kill you.

A rather exciting prospect.


Devils Pool Victoria Falls Activities

Victoria Falls.
Victoria Falls in dry season from below.

Seeing the falls from below first you then meet a guide who will walk you across the falls to devils pool.

There are a few options to get to devils pool, which is based on Livingstone Island, the island where Dr Livingstone was taken by boat to first view the falls, and then naming it after his queen, Queen Victoria.

The first option is walking across, which is the cheapest and more fun option.

The next is to take a boat from the expensive Royal Livingstone Hotel, where you will be greeted by some food on the island, and then taken to the pools.

We chose the walking option because it was more fun.

Walking on top of Victoria Falls.
Walking and swimming on top of Victoria Falls.

Starting out the walk you can see just how low the water levels are, easily jumping from rock to rock and at times getting very close to the edge, and a drop to certain death.

Having reached Livingstone Island after around 15 minutes, you are taken to the other side where you must then swim in the water to reach devils pool.

The current is not to strong, but you are only 10 metres from the edge of the falls, with only a safety rope to grab onto if swept away.

No time for mistakes here! Reaching devils pool rather quickly, you see the guide get into the pool and you question the sanity of the situation.

Here you are about to get into a pool on the edge of the falls, and sit on a small rocky ledge looking over.

Taking the plunge into the water with your friends, you wade over and sit on the ledge.

Being a little afraid of heights here can make things a lot more exciting!

Sitting on the edge of Victoria Falls.
Sitting on the edge of Victoria Falls.

The flow of the water is not so strong, and is a lot safer than you would think, but still can be a little nerve racking.

Then for the ultimate finale you can lean out over the rocky ledge with the guide holding your leg, and have your head looking down into the falls and the rush of water.

Fellow traveler hangs out over the falls.
Fellow traveler hangs out over the falls.

Getting out of the pool, you then swim back over to the island and to a great side view of Victoria Falls.

Rainbow at Victoria Falls looked at from the side.
Rainbow at Victoria Falls looked at from the side.

You can also brave a photo here sitting near the edge, although some people may get a little to brave and be told to get back a bit!

Leaving to start walking back to dry land, you get more impressive views across the gorge of the falls, that in wet season would be full of water.

Gorge at the falls.
Gorge at the falls.

Devils Pool Victoria Falls

All in all a great way to see Victoria Falls up close and a good way to spend a half day around the falls.

You can book a tour Livingstone Island and the devils Pool here.


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  1. Hey Backpacking Man!

    Do you think it’s possible to hike out to the poools without aa guide? Or down to the bottom of the falls?

    Thanks for your advice!

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