The Top 5 Camping Tips For Beginners That Will Help You

The Top 5 Camping Tips for Beginners That Will Help You!

Meta desc: If you’re new to camping and feel scared for the upcoming trip, not to worry! Read on for the top 5 camping tips for beginners to help you out.

Is it your first time camping? Then awesome! You’re in for one of the best experiences of your life. But remember that while you’ll be experiencing the great outdoors, you’ll also need to learn a thing or two beforehand. It might seem daunting at first, experiencing new things and the fear of making mistakes.

But in the end, it’s all worth it! You won’t only get to acquire skills, but hone your relationship with nature and the people you will be with. But if you’re a bit hesitant and feel like you’re unsure of what to do, then read on as I show you the top 5 camping tips for beginners to help you ease those pre-camping jitters!

Top 5 Camping Tips for Beginners

When it was my first time to camp, I was pretty nervous as well! But once I started getting into it, I soon realized that it wasn’t about making it perfect, but to simply enjoy and learn from my mistakes. So here are the top 5 camping tips for beginners I have learned throughout my experiences:

1. Practice Beforehand

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We don’t mean that you have to practice camping in your backyard. It’s best to test out all your equipment beforehand, so you know how to properly set it up and avoid wasting time doing so while in the campsite. Practice setting up your Camping Lab roof top tent and sleeping bags, making sure that there are no defects and it’s ready to go.

2. Get Organized and Pack Light

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Make a list of what you need to have before the camping trip. Your essentials include the tent, sleeping bags, clothes, food and water, survival kit, flashlights, and of course, your backpack. Get organized and pack well to fit in everything without adding nonessentials that make your load heavier (tent is a yes, your silk pajamas are a no).

3. Choosing Your Campsite

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An important thing to consider when choosing the campsite to set up your tent in would be what’s around the area. It’s best to find shade under big trees, but to avoid busy roads and high grass to prevent smoke or small predators from disturbing you. Find dry ground and make sure it’s near the electricity and water sources as well.

4. Food Choices

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When it comes to food, you shouldn’t expect to bring a gourmet meal. I recommend that you bring readymade meals or pack it from homes, such as trail mix in containers or peanut butter sandwich for energy. Plus, no need to wash utensils!

Go for energizing snacks such as protein bars or chocolates (s’mores!). For main meals, opt for items you can easily cook, such as hot dogs.

5. Stay Prepared

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Just like the scouts, you must ALWAYS stay ready for anything that may happen. The one thing you need to pack in your backpack would be a survival kit filled with extra food, a compass, an army knife, and other things you may need in case you get lost or sustain an injury while hiking. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If there’s one important thing I learned about my first time camping, it’s that you shouldn’t always expect it to be the most glamorous and perfect for trips. I made a few mistakes along the way, and sometimes still do, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was the most memorable of weekends I’ve had!

In Conclusion

If you’re planning to start camping, may it be with your family or alone, then the most important thing is to prioritize both your fun and safety, balancing both out so you can have the best trip filled with lessons and memories. Let nature take its course and enjoy what camping has to offer rather than worry about not making the first time perfect!

I hope that this article on the top 5 camping tips for beginners helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to know about getting rough and dirty. So what are you waiting for? Utilize the advice and prepare for that upcoming camping trip rather than feel nervous about it. You’ll have the best time either way.

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19 thoughts on “The Top 5 Camping Tips For Beginners That Will Help You”

  1. Great article! Very good list for beginners. I could not agree more with testing out your equipment (especially setting up and taking down your tent) before you go.
    Protein bars, dried fruit, trail mix and basically any kind of nuts are great no-mess, protein packed snacks. I always make sure I have plenty of those in case the hike takes longer or something and we don’t get back to camp on time. And always carry extra water too!

  2. Setting up the equipment before you go is one tip that can avoid some disastrous first times. This is a great list for any new beginner. Thanks for putting the time in to create it. Looking forward to other articles!

  3. I am really happy after reading your all tips about camping. I think your all tips will help me, my next camping. Can you give me some extra tips?

  4. Wow, Great idea! Very good list for beginners.OOOHHH, I will have to add it to my list!Thanks for sharing this tips. HOW TO KEEP A TENT WARM IN COLD WEATHER

  5. Yeah – preparation is everything. Took me a couple of years o fine-tune our checklists and processes. 🙂 But having a plan and knowing what to do vs. not really helps and enables stress-free camping.

  6. Dinosaur River Expeditions

    What a great list! This is really good for our first-timer campers. Staying prepared before and during the activity is really a must. Thank you for these tips.

  7. A good and simple list to help beginners, some of them, I didn’t think of. And I been camping before.

  8. We have done a few road trips but not a lot of camping. I did quite a bit of camping when I was young and now we are planning a major trip across the US with our 9 year old son, and expose him to camping like I was when I was his age. Thanks for the list! I feel like a beginner as it has been years since I was out in the wilderness!

  9. Thank you for sharing and well informative. Anyways, I’ve been feeling inhabitation only in the near past and that I simply need to understand a lot of regarding it. Good read!

  10. Next week I am planning a camping for my family. Your 5 tips helps me making a perfect plan. Thank you so much.

  11. I like that you said that it’s best to test out all your equipment beforehand, so you know how to properly set it up and avoid wasting time doing so while in the campsite. My friends and I are thinking about going camping this summer because we think it would be a fun thing for all of us to do together. I think it would be smart to go to our local camping store and get all out gear and then spend a day or so before we go getting used to everything so that we can be prepared and know how to use it all.

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