Chongqinq is one of the most fascinating cities in China. The hard working porters down by the docks, weaving in and out of the old alleys, contrast against the super modern just around the corner.

Chongqing has the feel of Gotham City in Batman, minus all the crime.

Porter in Chongqing

A hard working porter carries goods from the city to the docks.The Chinese government is pumping loads of money into the place, trying to make it the ‘Shanghai of the East’. Therefore many of the old buildings are getting knocked down to make way for the new.


Old Chongqing

The old and the new.

Chongqing is the starting point of cruises down the Yangtze River, and tourists crowd down the dock areas. But you hardly any of them see the city itself. That’s good because it makes the place feel less of an attraction and more of a local thing.

Chongqing shopping

Shopping in the centre.

Amongst all the construction works tranquility and culture can still be found, such as in the scattered temple here and there.

Arhat Temple in Chongqing.

Arhat Temple area.

The rare glimpse of green can be seen in the small parks here and there, where old men gather too play games and gamble, women come too dance, and the solitary practice tai chi.

Men play a board game in a park in Chongqing, China.

Men playing a game.


Women dance in Chongqing.

Women practice dancing.


Tai chi practiced in China.

Practicing tai chi.

Meanwhile back down in an alley heavy goods are transported by what might be some of the toughest porters in China.

Porter in Chongqing.

And you thought your job was hard!

At night everyone heads to the street stalls and small eateries, where you can sample the famous Chongqing hotpot

Eating Chongqing hotpot.

Chongqing hotpot is best eaten with friends.


Street food in China.

Tasty street food stalls await.

Chongqing is a city often overlooked by travellers, which is a shame as it has it’s own unique charm.

Chongqing at night.

Small side streets are great for exploring.


Chongqing at night.

Wheres Batman!




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