The Best Outdoor Bars In Amsterdam (Perfect For Summer)

The best outdoor bars in Amsterdam is a bit of a subjective thing to say as everyone will have their own opinion on what is best, but the bars I mention below are my favourites during the warmer months.

I lived in Amsterdam for over 10 years and know the city very well, so this is not a tourist opinion. I have two bars I particularly enjoy hanging out in spring/summer, but the first one is my favourite.

I mention the other ones as they are also great.


What makes a good outdoor bar?


For me it means a good outdoor vibe where people chill out and relax. There are plenty of bars and cafes around Amsterdam’s canals which are great for sitting outside, but my favourite bars have a more special atmosphere.

Maybe I should have titled the post – ‘The best summer bar in Amsterdam”.

Anyway, if you are ever in Amsterdam during warm sunny days, then these are the places you should be going for a relaxing drink and to have fun.

You won’t find many tourists at these outdoor bars, these are mostly where locals go.



The Best Outdoor Bars in Amsterdam



1. Amsterdam Roest


amsterdam roest 2
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Amsterdam Roest is so much more than just a bar. In fact it could be described as a cafe, club, food place, beach bum paradise, hipster hangout, etc.

It’s located in the city centre by water but has sand outside where you can sunbathe, enjoy a drink, have a swim in the water, and so on. They even have a volleyball net sometimes.


amsterdam roest cafe
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Because it’s by the water you can show up on a boat with your mates, park alongside, and get out and enjoy yourself.


amsterdam roest cafe 2
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Having a swim.


Amsterdam Roest is in an old warehouse part of the city, so the bar inside has plenty of space for dancing, and they regularly have club nights and sometimes live bands as well as other events.


amsterdam roest 3
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Inside the bar.


There’s also a great place to chill out with lot’s of comfy couches and good music.


amsterdam roest 4
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If the place looks empty inside that’s because these photos were taken on a hot summers day, so everyone was outside.

If you get hungry they have a tent where you can get food, some of it barbecued. There’s some street art and an alternative vibe giving the place a fun feel. There’s a double decker bus at the entrance.

If you don’t have access to a boat then you can easily cycle there. It’s about a ten minute bike ride from the central train station.


amsterdam roest 8
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At the entrance.


On an old industrial crane they attached some rope so you can go swinging into the water.

You can see why I believe this is the best bar in Amsterdam during summer as it’s got the perfect mix for a good time.

The other one.



2. Hannekes Boom


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Hannekes Boom is another good summer bar for a fun time.

This is located only a few minutes bike ride from central station and is also by the water. There is no sand, but you can dangle your legs over the side and watch as all the boats go by.


hannekes boom amsterdam 5
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Again it has a very laid back vibe outside. Inside however is very small, unlike the larger Amsterdam Roest where there is lot’s of room inside for events . So it’s best for a sunny day where you can chill in the sun.

People also show up and park their boats and some stay on them to enjoy their drinks.


hannekes boom amsterdam 2
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It can get very packed on a warm weekend but that just leads to a more social atmosphere.

Both of these bars are children friendly with all the outdoor space if it’s too busy inside.It’s mostly locals that go to these bars so you will get a good Amsterdam feeling away from the main tourist drinking area.



3. Pllek


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Pllek is in the north of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Noord) and is made up of old industrial pieces such as shipping containers. It is part bar, part cafe, part restaurant.

Very much like Roest there is a fake beach where you can chill out. There is also a lot of outdoor tables.

The inside restaurant/cafe has a really nice vibe to it and is perfect after having drinks outside to have something to eat.

They have regular parties there as well.

You can reach it by a free regular ferry at the back of Amsterdam Central Station.





Outdoor Bars In Amsterdam 


That’s a selection of some great outdoor bars in Amsterdam where you won’t find many tourists.

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