The city of Sapporo in Hokkaido is famous for its Sapporo Beer and also the mutton grills.

Drinking there is a blast and munching down on some good food the perfect compliment. One of the best places to combine the 2 is the Sapporo Beer Museum and Biergarten.

To be honest the museum is quite small and you can pass through it quickly, but the reward is at the end in the beer hall where you can down some of the freshest Sapporo Beer in 3 different flavours, one unique only to the museum.


Beer in Sapporo



It’s easy to get a good buzz on in the beer hall!

beer tasting in sapporo

The ladies working the bar will serve you the tasters to try. A personal favourite is the Sapporo Black Label. Highly recommended if you go there.

sapporo beer

A classic Sapporo Beer poster.


Sapporo Beer also get in the spirit of the cherry blossom season with pink sakura on their beer cases. These particular Sapporo Beer cans are only found in Hokkaido.


You could easily spend a lot of time in the beer hall getting happily drunk on amazing tasting beer, but there is local food from Hokkaido that must be tried next door in the Biergarten.


Food at Biergarten in Sapporo


They call this the Genghis Khan hall in honour of the famous Mongol leader, and the mutton dishes that can be had. Hokkaido has some of the best sheep dishes anywhere.

You get a grill in front of you on the table and start by melting fat on it.


Once hot enough you then place vegetables on the side and start cooking them up. You normally get bamboo shoots, pumpkin, onions, and cabbage.


You have a plate full of some very fresh mutton slices and you when the vegetables are cooked enough you put the mutton on the top of the grill.

The smell is so good!


You repeat this process over and over several times until you’re stuffed. The gravy sauce that comes for dipping the meat in is delicious and being Japan you get to eat it up with chopsticks. The whole basic meal will set you back only $17.

Well worth it not just for the taste, but also the cultural experience unique to Hokkaido. Of course being a “biergarten” you can drink as much Sapporo Beer as you can handle along with it.


Go to Sapporo and treat yourself 🙂

While your in Hokkaido you may be interested in heading to the far north to visit the remote islands of Rishiri and Ruben, a perfect escape.


beer tasting in sapporo beer museum



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