If you want to see the Japanese super passionate about a sport then you need to see a baseball game in Japan, in this case baseball in Osaka.

If there is a sumo match on (the definitive Japanese sport known worldwide) then you should go and see one, it’s an interesting cultural experience.

But many travellers won’t get the chance to see sumo due to the timings of the matches.

So I’m happy to tell you I think you would have a lot more fun at a baseball game anyway, of which you can always find one relatively regularly.

And for those from the U.S.A. you would probably enjoy it as I’m sure it’s a bit different from in America, with lots of cute Japanese things thrown into the overall atmosphere.

I saw the game in the Osaka Kyocera Dome and was supporting the local team shouting along with the others in the crowd.

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Baseball In Osaka Dome




It wasn’t one of the large teams game so the stadium wasn’t packed out, but still very lively.

Maybe 10,000 people. It would be great to see the big teams play.




At the beginning and during various short breaks in the game cheerleaders would come out along with the mascots.

In typical Japanese style everything was very cute with cutesy adverts on the large screen.


japanese cheerleaders


Even if you don’t know much about baseball you will soon learn the basics. I knew almost nothing about it but understood by halfway through.

It’s actually pretty easy.





Beer in Osaka Baseball


One of the funnest things about seeing the baseball is the beer on offer.

Women carry “beer backpacks” (perfect girlfriend?) and each one carries different beer.

All Japanese beer. They walk around the stadium shouting out if you want any.

You eventually figure out what beer is what by the colour of the clothes they wear.








Not only beer is on sale, Japanese Ice cream is also on offer. Paradise much?


ice cream girl japan baseball


Around the 7th round balloons are released from the crowd. I never did find out why. Anyone know?




The game goes on.

Like many sports the action can be slow at times but when it livens up the crowd goes nuts.

But the real fun is just hanging out with the people and joining in the chanting of songs etc and being caught up in it.

Come on Buffaloes! (The local team).



Baseball in Japan is no different from it’s American counterpart.

The tradition of beer and hotdogs lives on. The chilli hotdog is the best 🙂




As I couldn’t get close to the action to show you any baseball shots from the game itself, here’s some more different types of beer on offer.

The Kirin is particularly good, although personally I’m an Asahi fan at heart.


japan baseball girl


japanese girl baseball






You could even pick up a teams jersey to wear. I was given the one below by a friend in Hokkaido. Hokkaido Fighters!





Osaka Baseball


So if you have the time and a game is on then definitely go and see one.

You can catch a game at the Osaka Kyocera Dome.

Like I said this is a personal opinion. What do you think?

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P.S. – if you care about it our team lost 😛


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