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6 Tips For Traveling In Your 20s

Traveling is fun at any age, but there is something undeniably special about experiencing the world in your 20s. This age is when you really find your feet and it is the perfect time to widen your mindset and experiences by seeing what’s out there in the big wide world.

So, whether you have never set foot on a plane or a boat, or you’re already a seasoned traveler, getting out there and exploring on your own is a different experience entirely. Here are six tips for traveling more in your early 20s. 

Have Dedicated Savings

hargeisa somaliland

While weekend trips are fun to plan spontaneously, it is a good idea to have a savings account for your travel expenses. This is about planning in advance so that you are able to have fun times when the opportunity comes around.

A budget will help, and so will shopping around for a suitable bank account that fits in with what you need. This will be money you can use for booking travel, but also to spend on experiences when you get there. 

Know Where the Best Deals Lie

kelabit highlands transport
The propellor plane at Bario “airport”.

Travel can be expensive. While a strong budget will help, knowing how to find deals and promotions will help too. Take a look at an in-depth Google Flights tutorial, for instance, to boost your knowledge base around how to find better flight options that suit your income and needs.

If you plan on going away a lot, as you absolutely should, this will be an invaluable tool to have in your box. 

Take Seasonal Jobs

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The job opportunities for foreigners wanting to experience a new country are actually quite appealing. You could try some grape picking in Australia, teach at a summer camp in lots of areas of North America, or even teach for a term in China.

There are more opportunities than you might think, and every path is worth exploring. If there is a way to travel and earn money at the same time, it feels like a winning combination for this age group. 

Make a Travel Group

Horse trekking by the side of Song Kol Lake.

Traveling in a group is safer, cost-effective, and gives you plenty of choices when you arrive at your destination. The planning stages will be a lot of fun and everyone in the group will bring something unique to the table.

Traveling on your own in your 20s is not the most secure way to go, but doing it with friends will enhance the whole experience. 

Consider a Credit Card

Another way to work your budget is to think about taking out a line of credit. While this is never recommended unless you have an absolute way of paying back the money, it can be an interim solution when used sensibly.

It might just help with booking accommodation, for instance, which can often be the most expensive thing. That way you can spread the cost over time, and open up your calendar for more travel in the meantime. 

Before you sign up for a credit card, ensure you understand how credit scores work to maintain good financial habits.

Dive Into the Local Travel Options

ethiopian bus
A local bus in Ethiopia.

Expect to walk a lot, and lean on public transport! This will definitely save you money but teach you a whole new world as well. The thing about traveling in your 20s is that you’re likely to have more energy and be looking for a more immersive, culturally aligned experience.

This is great and should be embraced in every way possible. So, diving into local travel options means researching the public infrastructures before you get there and trying to book passes and such in advance.

This will make life easier and means you can travel between countries more easily too, for instance around Europe

Go Traveling!

Traveling in your early 20s is a fun way to pass the time. If you are looking to do it more, you have to fix a solid budget and possibly coordinate with a group of friends too! 

For more travel advice take a look at my travel destinations page.

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