5 Best Things To Do In Nagasaki In One Day

things to do in Nagasaki historic boat

Looking for things to do in Nagasaki in one day?

I only had one day in Nagasaki when there and this is what I recommend for you to do.

This is not the be all and end all of lists as there are a bunch of things to do in Nagasaki, this is just what I personally did when there for the day (and night).

Things To Do In Nagasaki In One Day

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum & Peace Park

Sadly one of the main things Nagasaki is known for is that it was the 2nd city (and last city ) that an atomic bomb was dropped, the first being Hiroshima.

You can find out about all this history in the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and afterwards head to the adjacent Peace Park to reflect.

things to do in Nagasaki a bomb
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Nagasaki atomic bomb park
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Nagasaki Peace Park

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Dejima Island

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Dejima Island is where the first contacts with foreign Europeans began in Japan and in 1641 the Dutch were the only foreigners allowed to trade with Japan for the next 200 years or so.

They were given a Dejima Island (a very small island) as the only allowed part of Japan where these Europeans could settle and do trade with the Japanese.

Today you can see a reconstruction of the old buildings and learn about this fascinating part of Japanese history in Nagasaki.


Wander The Streets

Nagasaki is a good city to just get lost in the streets.

It’s not a huge city and one of things to do in Nagasaki I loved most was just wandering around.

There are plenty of temples, shrines, historic churches and cathedrals to see, such as the Oura cathedral.

The food you can find is (being Japan) awesome!

walking Nagasaki
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Oura Cathedral.

nagasaki church Japan
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Mount Inasa

The view on top of Mount Inasa is one of Japan’s three best night views, so that says it all right there.

The best bet is to go up in the evening when there is still some daylight to have a wander around on top and then see the sunset and the view at night across Nagasaki.

You can take a ropeway to get to the top or if you have the energy can hike up.

Ropeway to Mount Inasa.

nagasaki ropeway
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Nagasaki night view.

nagasaki at night view
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Food in Nagasaki

Try the local Nagasaki food specialities for dinner such as the fried chicken (goren) when there.

With so many cultures living together over the past centuries in Nagasaki they have developed their own unique cuisine called shippoku ryori. Try the historic Kagetsu restaurant for the ultimate Nagasaki food experience.

For some great food options and the best area for nightlife in Nagasaki head to the Shianbashi area.

Fried chicken.

Nagasaki food
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Gunkanjima Island

 Gunkanjima Island Nagasaki
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I didnt make it to Gunkanjima Island myself (next time) but heard from others it’s an interesting place to visit.

It’s an abandoned island that used to be a coal mine and home to 5000 people and looks great for exploring.

Plenty of tour operators offer trips to the island which takes around 1 hour by boat to get to.

Nagasaki In One Day

And that’s what I would recommend to do in Nagasaki in one day. If you have more time then take it slower and add on a few more things to do in Nagasaki when there. These are the main things recommended here.

Nagasaki is definitely a city steeped in history and I enjoyed my short time there. If you have more time on Kyushu island be sure to check out these other places to see in Kyushu.

More reading for Kyushu Island:

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You can find places to stay in Nagasaki here.

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things to do in Nagasaki Japan
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