Toilet paper as a westerner is an item we generally can’t live without so why the fuck I’m talking about alternatives to toilet paper?

Or at least using less of it.

First of all most toilet paper is bad for the environment as it is a single use paper material and around almost 30,000 trees are cut down daily for toilet paper alone.

2/3rds of the planet don’t even use toilet paper.

Along with crisis’s like the coronavirus where people bulk buy toilet paper in case there is a home quarantine you really should think of using these options instead:

Top tip: Whatever method you use have soap or hand sanitiser to wash your hands after.




Toilet Paper Alternatives



toilet paper alternatives




Water Water Water Water!



using water instead of toilet paper


Ok I’m not suggesting you go find a massive waterfall like above to go clean your rear area is it might be the last thing you do and a bit of a drastic change as one of the alternatives to toilet paper.

But using water instead of toilet paper is the number one choice and is more hygienic than toilet paper.

There are a few methods that water can be used and these are the main ones you will find.


The Bum Gun (Bidet Shower)


bidet shower


The magically named ‘bum gun’ is a hand held water shower next to the toilet. It’s very common is Asian countries especially.

It’s used by placing it by your ass area and when you press the button water shoots out and starts cleaning your ass.


The bum gun shooting water. Just make sure to aim it under your ass!

bum gun


Keep using it until the entire area is clean. If necessary give a good reach around to the hard to clean places.




French bidet


The bidet is a French 18th century invention and is normally located right next to the toilet.

It’s simple – after using the toilet move your butt over to the bidet which will then shoot water at your ass until it’s clean.

Good bidets you can control the temperature and water pressure.

Some high tech toilets like you can find in Japan will shoot water from the toilet itself, but not the dirty water don’t worry.




pakistan toilet lota alternatives to toilet paper

I don’t actually have any picture of a lota as its not the kind of thing one tends to take photos of but this is a stock pic to show you.

Having spent several months travelling South Asia you will see these in toilets everywhere there and it’s the main region for i.

You hold the water spout towards your ass and pour the water down until clean.

Not the easiest to use when in a complete squat toilet position though!


Bucket of Water and Scooper


indian toilet


A simple plastic bucket with water in it and a scooper like the one in the photo above is the easy option and one you can employ quickly at home.

Just get a bucket and fill with water and then scoop the water out and pour it down your ass until clean.

Another good option I recommend is if you are at home is to just simply take a shower after shitting and clean your ass in the shower.


Push comes to shove…


At the end of the day a lot of things can be used as toilet paper alternatives if really needed. 

Even a smooth stone could be used to clean in conjunction with some water.




And if you really can’t live without some toilet paper….



Use bamboo toilet paper.

Bamboo grows 10 times faster than trees and doesn’t require hardly any maintenance and is better for the environment overall.

Plus in the process in making toilet paper from trees chemicals are used for bleaching the paper.






Remote Toilets



Remote toilet I used in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan toilet


If you find yourself out hiking in remoter places for example leave the ’emergency toilet paper’ behind and go more natural.

If you’re in a forest area try using leafs to wipe your butt a bit and then finish with a bit of water.

Be imaginative is the name of the game!

If you are going to be living the off grid way of life then it’s a good idea to get some toilet paper alternatives to use.



At the end of the day westerners especially will find it hard to let go of their toilet paper but seriously think about improving your hygiene and environment by trying out the alternatives listed above.

The bidet won’t be the cheapest option so the best bet would be to install a bum gun and see how you go from there.

Whatever travels you may be on be sure to take travel insurance just in case.

Who knows you might get the shits and all these alternatives to toilet paper will come in handy (pun intended)!


toilet paper


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