Want to go sand-boarding some sand-dunes? The obvious comes to mind when thinking of it – fun!

And it is super fun and a great way to get on a snowboard without worrying about hurting yourself on ice.

It’s also one of the best adventure activities in Swakopmund, Namibia.



Adventures in Swakopmund


Swakopmund Namibia adventure activities





The only problem with sand-boarding in Swakopmund, or anywhere for that matter, is lugging yourself up steep sand-dunes in the heat of the Namibian Desert wearing heavy ski boots.


Ready to sandboard!

Ready to sandboard!


Up on top of the dunes you get a great view, but it’s time to carve up some sand or fall over a lot depending on your perspective.

The instructors try to teach the complete novices on what to do, and they mostly don’t do any of that. Making the great achievement of reaching the bottom, you clamber up the dune again, wondering why the hell you are doing this through all the suffering.

Then you remember, it is fun coming down!

Being prompted to try going over a jump built into the top of one sand-dune most decline, except for the odd brave soul who gives the rest some amusement with the comical consequences of that decision.

But heh, they tried.


sand-boarding swakopmund

Lugging those heavy ski-boots up the sand is not much fun, but you must think of the fun at the top.


Then you discover something that could be seen as being more fun than sand-boarding on a snowboard, lying down on a heavily waxed piece of bendy plastic board thingy.

Being shoved of the top of the sand-dune rather unceremoniously on this board you fly down the dune.

Going over a slight bump you leave the ground briefly before coming down hard on your stomach, getting the wind knocked out of you, but still with a huge smile on your face, and a huge amount of sand entering all areas of the body.

At the bottom of the dune on this board there is someone with a police speed gun recording everyones time, making for a great competition.

Everyone dutifully scrambles back up the dune with the aim of getting the best time, while trying to stay on the board and not go flying off.



Quad-biking the Sand-Dunes in Swakopmund


adventure sand dunes swakopmund


Namibia is famous for its vast desert and massive sand-dunes, and a great way to see them is on a quad bike.

You can rent them in Swakopmund on the coast, and is not to expensive.

Moving on out with your guide you speed through the sand. The dunes here are big and there are many steep drops that are hard to see.

So the guide ahead will signal when you need to slow down for a drop, then you roll down it, often at a very steep angle. It’s fun!


swakopmund activities


The guides are great fun and will make sure you get a good experience.

Sometimes you will go out with a group, and other times you can find yourself alone in the vastness of the desert with just your guide.

Going full speed over the dunes is a magical feeling, with the sand jumping up at you and the wind in your face.

They ride the dunes, meaning at steep dunes you will ride up almost to the crest and then spin around and back down.

After a good spin around for an hour or two, you stop high up to have a drink and watch the sun go down, illuminating the dunes in a majestic light.


quad biking swakopmund


A great way to get out into the Namibian sand-dunes.

You can organise quad biking and sand-boarding with desertexplorers.



Surfing in Swakopmund


surfing swakopmund


Ok, I personally didn’t try this one out but it’s come highly recommended by other travellers who surf.

I didn’t try as I’m not experienced in surfing and the Namibia surfing environment is a harsh one. Not for beginners!

Grab a board and hit the surf though if you know what you’re doing.

After a while your sand fun for the day is over and you head on back to Swakopmund to have a cool drink, and shower of all that sand!



They say that the Namibians have the biggest sandbox playground in their backyards, and it’s true. Sandboarding in Namibia is great fun.




These are some of the highlights of Namibia travel.

Camping in Namibia is also one of the best things to do in the country. Make sure you get into nature when there.


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