Taroko Gorge Hiking – Trip Report

Taroko Gorge in Taiwan has some of the best gorge scenery out of any hiking I have done. Just like if you visit Norway you must see the fjords, the same can be said about a visit to Taiwan and going to Taroko Gorge. It has stunning mountains and gorges and all covered...

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20 of The Best Adventure Blogs to Follow in 2019

I want my readers to get the best information out there about adventures around the world, so I put a list together of some of the best adventure blogs to follow. Whenever I get an email from a reader asking advice about somewhere I haven't been, I direct them in the...

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Montane Featherlite Down Jacket Mens and Womens Review

I've used the Montane Featherlite Down Jacket Mens for two years as of writing this review, and it's my favourite down jacket out of many that I have had. It's been taken high up into the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan and Afghanistan hiking in freezing temperatures,...

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Why You Should Travel Ukraine – Backpacking in Ukraine

Ukraine is a very much overlooked destination for travellers, which is a pity as it's a great place to travel. I personally was just coming to Kiev for a few days to see the city and tour Chernobyl, but fell in love with the vibe and ended up staying 10 or so weeks. I...

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10 Best Japanese Food You Should Try

Eating traditional and popular Japanese food is one of the highlights of Japan travel. I have written many articles about why Japan is such a great country to travel in and things you can do there. One of my favourite things to write about is the traditional Japanese...

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Why Osaka Is A Better City To Stay Than Kyoto

I better say this straight away that I loved exploring around Kyoto and seeing all the old temples, shrines, and gardens. It's one of the most culturally rich cities in all of Japan and definitely a must-see place. But I'm writing this from a travellers perspective...

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One Day in Reykjavik – The Best Things to See and Do

If you're wondering what to do in one day in Reykjavik then this post will give you a good idea. Maybe you just want to see the city quickly on a longer trip. If you have 24 hours in Iceland then you can easily do these things in Reykjavik in one day.On...

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