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How To Spend One Day In Singapore

There is no more magical and futuristic place than Singapore. It is a city-state full of beauty and excitement and if you plan on spending one day in Singapore be prepared for a whirlwind of a day.

There is so much to see and do in Singapore from adventure to luxury, to beauty with something for every type of traveller.

One of the things that makes Singapore so amazing is the diverse set of ethnicities, primarily Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian, that all call Singapore home.

As a result of the melting pot of differences, a visit to Singapore is like travelling to multiple countries at once!

It truly is amazing to see so many differences being celebrated all around Singapore and so many different cultural aspects on display.

Use this one day in Singapore itinerary to guide your Singapore adventures to see the best things with your limited amount of time.


One Day in Singapore

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Morning in Singapore


Gardens by the Bay

  • Time needed: 3 hours

The first thing you will see and explore during your one day in Singapore itinerary is the famous Gardens by the Bay.

In order to fully explore the extensive gardens, you will need around three hours of time. This is if you plan on visiting all the different attractions in the gardens like the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and Supertree Grove.

Supertree Grove.

supertree grove singapore
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All three will take you some time to enjoy and fully appreciate, however, you don’t have to go to all three if you are feeling strapped for time!

The highlight of the Gardens by the Bay is the Supertree Grove which is one of Singapore’s most iconic attractions. It consists of a grove of huge Supertrees with walkways bridging them together.

More so, the best thing about the Supertree Grove is that it is free to enter and walk around. It is not only amazing to view during the day, but it is also one of the best things to do in Singapore at night. If you have to choose one part of the Gardens by the Bay to visit, make it the trees.


Explore Chinatown

  • Time needed: 2 hours 

Chinatown is one of Singapore’s many cultural areas. It is located a short distance from the Gardens by the Bay and can be reached by either walking or taking the MRT.

It is best to start the explorations from Telok Ayer Street and wander around from there. In Chinatown, you will see the prominent Chinese culture in its height and get to experience a new side to the city.

singapore chinatown
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The streets are packed with colourful buildings that are stunning to admire. Plus, there are a ton of shops, restaurants, and cafes making it the perfect place to grab a bite to eat. 


Afternoon in Singapore


Kampong Glam

  • Time needed: 12 hours

After a morning of exploring you will hop on the MRT to Bugis station which will land you in Kampong Glam.

This is a hip and popular area full of excitement and a must-see while spending one day in Singapore. Kampong Glam is home to some of Singapore’s newest and most sensational places to visit and things to see. 

The two most popular streets to explore are Haji Lane and Arab Street. Haji Lane is an artistic and trendy street full of colourful street murals, indie stores, and hip cafes.

While Arab street is home to Sultan Mosque and in front of it, various middle eastern restaurants. Depending on whether you go shopping, take photos, or eat in this area you will need anywhere from 1-2 hours. 

Little India 

  • Time needed: 2 hours

Just a short 15-minute walk from the Sultan Mosque is Little India. This is a bright and colourful area that offers a welcome glimpse into the Indian cultural aspects of Singapore. 

Here you will find Tan Teng Niah House which is a vibrant building well worth a look.

You can also visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple which is a beyond impressive Hindu temple that is beautiful from the outside and the inside. Before you enter the temple be sure to take your shoes off.

In addition to architectural beauty, Little India is a great place to visit for many other reasons.

If you are vegetarian or love Indian food this is the number one place to find it. There are tons of restaurants to indulge in. Plus, it offers a shopping experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

If you are looking for any souvenirs or items go to the beautifully chaotic Mustafa shopping center!

Try Singaporean Street Food

  • Time needed: 1 hour

Singapore is famous for its delicious street food. If you couldn’t tell Singapore is a great place to visit for foodies!

There are so many different types of cuisines to eat and enjoy. However, all around the city, you can find street food markets that offer delicious eats at extremely low prices!

The food at the Singapore hawker centres is where you can find some of the best food at decent prices.

Try heading to Lau Pa Sat for a welcome street food experience.

Lau Pa Sat.

eating in Singapore
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Evening in Singapore

Walk the waterfront Promenade

  • Time needed: 1 hour

The waterfront promenade at night is beyond magical. It is the best place to walk around to enjoy the beautiful Singapore skyline from below and watch the skyscrapers reflect off the water.

Singapore waterfront walk
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An evening walk around here is the best way to get hungry again after a day of indulging before a night of fun.

Gardens by the Bays (again!)

  • Time needed: 1 hours 

Although you went to the Gardens by the Bay in the morning, this magical area is completely different at night and well worth a second visit.

Since you are already headed to the Marina Bay Sands you are very close to the gardens and making an evening walk there is essential.

Every night at 7:45 and 8:45 is the Garden Rhapsody which is a free lightshow on the Supertrees. It consists of the trees lightening up in a musical number and is something you can’t miss. 

Marina Bay sands

  • Time needed: 2 hours

Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s most iconic hotel. It offers one of the best views of Singapore’s skyline and going to the top is a must while in Singapore.

hotel singapore
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The best way to do this is to reserve a place at one of the rooftop bars that sit on the Skydeck of the hotel.

Ce La Vi is a great option if you are looking for a romantic and stunning setting to enjoy some drinks in.

Ce La Vi.

one day in Singapore guide
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They also have a restaurant for a dining experience like no other.

An evening here with drinks and one of the best views in the city is the perfect way to end your one day in Singapore.

Find places to stay in Singapore here.

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