The Khajuraho Temple sculptures in India are known for their erotic stone carvings.

This is a photography post to show the Khajuraho Temples in images.




Khajuraho Temple



Khajuraho erotic temples



The area is officially named the Khajuraho group of Monuments and they are situated in Madhya Pradesh state.

The Hindu deity Lord Shiva is the main deity there.

The Chandela dynasty ruled this area 1000 years ago and were responsible for the temples and sculptures.

Tip: One of the best ways to get around and see the temples is to rent a bike (around Rs20 a day).


Khajuraho temple sculptures of India


indian temple Khajuraho



temples in india



Khajuraho temple



indian erotic temple



erotic temple india



temple india



temple in India



buddha Khajuraho



buddha statue






The Erotic Khajuraho Temple Sculptures




The Khajuraho Temple sculptures are lovingly described as ‘Khajuraho temple hot pics’ in certain searches online when looking for Indian temple art and they are not far wrong as the temples good be seen as old pornography.

Some people come to Khajuraho specifically just because it is erotic!

The Khajuraho temple sculptures date back to 


Khajuraho erotic



khajuraho temple sculptures



erotic stone carvings india



Khajuraho temple sculptures



Khajuraho temple stone carvings



Khajuraho temple hot pics



Khajuraho temple hot pics



Khajuraho temple sculptures






Khajuraho Temples 




In Khajuraho.

Khajuraho india


Khajuraho itself is not really a great place so just use it as a base for visiting the temples.

1-2 nights is plenty there as you can see the temples easily in one day.

You can find places to stay in Khajuraho here (Agoda booking site, my favourite).


Getting to Khajuraho

The best way of getting to Khajuraho is by train if you have the time.

In fact the best way to get around anywhere in India is by train IMO (except the obvious mountain areas).

The Delhi to Chennai train stops in Khajuraho Railway Station and is the best choice.


Take travel insurance for your travels just in case. I use World Nomads (get a quote with that link).

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And for more in-depth look at Khajuraho take a look here.


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