Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) is Indias 3rd biggest city and if you want to see the best it has to offer in a short time then these are the things to do in Kolkata in one day.

I’ve personally spent around one week in Kolkata but many travellers I met during my few months in India that went there said they just spent 1-2 nights then left.

In that regard this post is for those (you) with the same mindset that want to get the best out of the city quickly.

This does not cover all the ‘essential’ places to see in Kolkata rather the places and things to do that I enjoyed the most.




The Best Things To Do In Kolkata In One Day 



the best things to do in Kolkata in one day travel




Victoria Memorial Kolkata



The Victoria Memorial in Kolkata is one of the finest pieces of colonial architecture in India.

It was built as a memorial for Queen Victoria as Kolkata (Calcutta back in colonial times) was a very important city for the British.


Victoria memorial kolkata



Victoria memorial kolkata


Sunset is a really good time to be at Victoria Memorial.

Victoria memorial kolkata




Wander The Streets of Kolkata



I always say the best way to see a city is to just hit the streets and soak up the atmosphere.

To be honest just wandering the streets of Kolkata was my favourite thing about the city. 

Kolkata is known for its colonial architecture and you will see it all over the place.

Exploring the different neighbourhoods is one of the best things to do in Kolkata.

You will see a lot of random things everywhere.


Kolkata streets


Old trams run through the city and are fun to ride for a bit to get from one area to another.


kolkata tram



Kolkata streets



lake Kolkata




Eat Yourself Silly On Indian Food



I find that Kolkata is one of the best cities for Indian food.



thali kolkata


Kolkata sweets are famous across India and there are plenty of places to go for them.


Sweet collection.

sweet shop Kolkata



sweets Kolkata india




Take a Yellow Cab Ride at Night



The yellow taxis of Kolkata are iconic to the city and at night (or day) it’s great fun to get one to just randomly drive you around to see the sites and chaos of the city.

Some will try to over charge you or not use the metre so be sure to bargain for a decent fare. Install other cab apps on your phone to chi the rough rates of your possible planned route.


yellow cab Kolkata


At the main train station in Kolkata yellow taxi cabs lie upon for passengers. If you are arriving by train take one for your destination. 


I know it’s a blurry photo but I was rushing around at night!

yellow cab Kolkata




Kolkata Advice





Kolkata is one of the main gateway cities into India, along with New Delhi and Mumbai, so you can find a lot of cheap flights to there from other destinations in Asia especially.

For further reading on India take a look at my posts about visiting Bodh Gaya after Kolkata and then travelling to Varanasi (Indias oldest city) from there.

Be sure to take travel insurance for your travels in India. I use World Nomads travel insurance (get a quote with that link) and find them to be excellent.



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