The Hacienda Venecia is one of the best places in Columbia for coffee to experience life on a coffee farm.

I chose the Hacienda Venecia as it came highly recommended by other travellers I met in Columbia who had stayed there.

This was done on a backpacking trip from Argentina, across to Chile and then overland up the west coast of South America which ended in Columbia.

It’s best to stay at the Hacienda Venecia itself rather than visiting for the day as it’s a very relaxed place.


Book a place to stay at Hacienda Venecia here.


The Hacienda Venecia is up in the mountains between Bogota (find where to stay in Bogota) and Medellin so if you’re going between these 2 cities it makes the perfect stopover for a night or 2 (make it 2).

The closest city though to Hacienda Venecia is Manizales.




Coffee At The Hacienda Venecia Farm 




I’ll just start by saying the coffee is excellent!

Being Columbian coffee that should go without saying.

The Hacienda Venecia is located right in Columbia’s Zona Cafetera and has been producing and exporting coffee in Columbia for over a hundred years.

As well as exploring the coffee


coffee haciendas Columbia


A guide from the Hacienda Venecia will take you through the coffee farm and explain about the coffee beans and the processing that goes on.

Showing you around the coffee bean crop and then to the processing factory where they are roasted and stored.


coffee tour Columbia



coffee Columbia



coffee Columbia


At the end of the tour you can taste the coffee which will be some of the best coffee in the world you can try.

Of course if staying at Hacienda Venecia you will get to have a lot of coffee when there!


coffee in Columbia manizales







The nearby city of Manizales is the best place to start to get to Hacienda Venecia and the city itself is worth a day of exploring.

The awesome Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Rosary is the best site I the city to see.


Manizales cathedral.

manizales cathedral


Around Manizales are some good hot springs to relax in which is perfect at the end of the day after walking around loads.

Unlike some ‘hot’ springs the water at these ones is actually hot and very soothing.


Relaxing in a hot spring near Manizales.

manizales hot spring






Coffee in Columbia



Columbia has some of the best coffee in the world so be sure to try to get to a coffee farm when there.

If you love coffee or not it doesn’t matter as the farms are very relaxed and a cultural experience in themselves and a good escape from the cities.

You can book a place to stay at Hacienda Venecia here.

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