Mt Kilimanjaro is the roof of Africa being the highest mountain on the continent. It is located in Northern Tanzania and is a must visit for the adventurous traveller. In Africa it is one of the best adventures you can have.

Most people start their adventure to Kilimanjaro from the nearby city of Arusha which is easy to get to by bus from other locations in Tanzania, or from Nairobi in Kenya.


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro


climbing mt kilimanjaro

You wouldn’t think of Africa and cold in the same sentence but at 5895m above sea level it is freezing and snowy on Africa’s highest point. You will need to go with a good guiding company for climbing Kilimanjaro.

There are multiple routes you can take for your trek and you can discuss these with the guiding company. You can also choose whether you want to go on a group tour (cheaper option) or a private tour.

The Marangu route is the easier and cheaper route and takes around 5-6 days but has poorer acclimatisation time.

Machame route is the most popular one to take and very scenic with great acclimatisation. This will take you 6-7 days.

Lemosho is the quieter route and takes 6-8 days.

Rongai is also quiet but is easier and more remote. Allow 6-7 days for this route.

The average success rate for a summit climb is around 85%.

Acclimatising to the altitude will be one of the most important aspects to your successful ascent of Kilimanjaro.

Also you should be reasonably fit for this trek, but happily if you are not really fit you can still manage. The acclimatisation is the main obstacle to success.

You will need to bring proper trekking gear and plenty of warm clothing, although this can be obtained in Tanzania, but possibly at a lower quality than what you are used to at home.

There will be plenty of starry nights awaiting you.

climbing mt kilimanjaro

Epis sunrises await you on your trek and new friendships made with your trekking companions if on a group tour.

40,000 people a year attempt to climb Mt Kilimanjaro so there is ample opportunity to meet similar minded trekkers.

There is a reason for so many people doing the trek each year as mentioned in the beginning, it could be one of the best adventures you ever do.

You can even see elephants in the beginning stages of this trek. Indeed after your trek is over you can continue your adventures in Tanzania with a wildlife safari that can also be organised with your Kilimanjaro tour operator.

mt kilimanjaro peak

Celebrate on the roof of Africa!

So if you are in Africa be sure to look into doing a trek up Kilimanjaro.

You will have the time of your life!



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