Want to try one of the best foods in Pakistan?

Then chapli kebab should be high on your list although it’s not what most people think it is.

When you here the word ‘kebab’ most people would think of meat skewered on a metal skewer being barbecued over hot coals. But this is not the case of chapli kebab.

Chapli kebab is more of a meat patty friend in a pan.




Chapli Kebab in Pakistan 



Chapli kebab, also known as Peshwari kebab as it originates from the city of Peshawar, is a Pashtun influenced food.

It consists of minced meat of either beef, mutton, or chicken (or maybe a regional variant somehow).

It comes as mentioned in the shape of a patty and filled with spices which is then cooked in freshly melted fat from the animal (one of the good things about it).


A typical pan to fry the chapli kebab.

chapli kebab pakistan


The cook will have a stack of minced meat ready to go which he will then make into patties and fill with various spices (it differs place to place) and then put in the pan to fry.


The meat being shaped into a patty and filled with spices.

chapli kebab


After cooking for several minutes the kebab is ready.


The finished kebab.

kebab pakistan


It’s normally served with a few chillies and tomatoes on top and is absolutely delicious.


chapli kebab pakistan



It’s the same process wherever you go in Pakistan.


naran food


naran food


The perfect accompaniment to the kebab is some naan bread. 


naan bread


food in naran


Here’s a video I made showing the process of making chapli kebab:




Chapli Kebab



As said many times the food in Pakistan is delicious and chapli kebab is one of the best.

As far as cities in Pakistan for food goes Peshawar is hard to beat. Check out this post about a day of food in Peshawar.

And if you’re in Islamabad these are recommendations for the best things to do there, which includes a lot of food!

If you want to try to cook it yourself here’s a good recipe in this video which will show you how to cook chapli kebab:


And a good list of different chapli kebab recipes.


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chapli kebab pakistan

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