I’m addicted to travelling. The travel bug, or whatever you may call it, got me at a young age. I grew up as a child moving around different countries due to my fathers work, and that set the theme for the rest of my life. Now I can’t stay in one place long enough, before getting itchy feet to go and have some adventure in a foreign land.

By the age of twenty, back in 1997, I was ready to go exploring the world by myself, and headed out on my first backpacking trip, which took me to Egypt. After only a few weeks I knew this was the life for me. Working there as a film extra for a while, I realised there was no real reason to go back home. And so ever since I have been travelling the world and living abroad.

My travels have taken me throughout Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Europe, and South America. I live out of my thirty litre backpack, drifting to wherever the next adventure may be. Why such a small backpack? Well it’s part of a life philosophy.

The less you have, the less you have to worry about.

Backpacking is the lifestyle that I choose, and not only because it allows you to travel longer by keeping to a low budget, but also because you tend to stay more where the locals are, and so have a more interactive experience with the country you are in. I love getting off the beaten path as much as possible, there’s an adventure to it that can’t be beat.

Whether you travel through others, such as by reading blogs like mine, or get out to explore yourself, it is through these journeys that we can get to know the cultures and environments of the world better. Travelling has taught me so much about life, has given me so many lessons, and I want to share some of what I have learned with you.

Through stories I hope to inspire a sense of wanderlust, and through advice give you the information you need to travel the world and have an adventure.

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