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Our Victorian Steampunk Wedding (In a Castle!)

Marrying the love of my love, Sidra Duncan, at a castle in a steampunk/Victorian themed wedding was the best time ever.

I know this isn’t really travel related and not with the normal vibe of my blog, but it is my blog, and this was my wedding!

The wedding was a small affair with just a few close family and friends. It was perfect like that.

So…. here’s some pics to show you what the Victorian/ Steampunk style wedding was like.

The photos were taken by pro wedding photographer Chris Hall.



Victorian/Steampunk Wedding


victorian steampunk wedding


In love…


victorian wedding


Beautiful rose bouquet.


red roses at wedding


Vintage car ride to the castle.


vintage care victorian wedding


vintage car steampunk wedding


Arriving at the castle.


victorian wedding at castle


steampunk wedding fun


Our Victorian/gothic inspired wedding cake. Was fun coming up with the idea.


steampunk victorian wedding cake


The beginning of the ceremony.

Even the registrar got into the theme!


victorian wedding in castle


victorian wedding


Giving readings to each other.


gothic victorian wedding


gothic victorian wedding


We’re married! 🙂 


wedding in a castle


married in a castle


married in a castle


married in a castle


Champagne cheers!


wedding in castle UK


The Victorian/Steampunk wedding gang.


the wedding in castle


Everyone who came to the wedding. 


steampunk wedding castle


My love.


victorian wedding


steampunk wedding


victorian steampunk wedding


Celtic wedding rings.


Celtic wedding rings UK


steampunk wedding


victorian wedding


victorian wedding


wedding graveyard gothic


victorian wedding churchyard


steampunk wedding


Victorian Steampunk Wedding


Hope you liked the pics and theme!

If you’re interested the wedding took place at Star Castle Hotel (book the castle with that link) in The Isles of Scilly (read my post about Scilly with that link), where my family is from.

The pro photographer for the wedding who took these photos is Chris Hall

If you liked the wedding cake and may get married on The Isles of Scilly it was Becky’s Scilly Cakes that made it 🙂 

Find out more about the Steampunk culture at this excellent Steampunk inspired website. 

This is a good book about steampunk.


Liked these pics? A share about the wedding would be appreciated!

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