Like animation and planning a visit to Japan? Then Studio Ghibli Museum is a must see for anyone visiting Tokyo who loves animation movies, especially Japanese animation movies.

Personally I’m a Japanese movie addict so any chance to see anything like this must be done.

The museum is co-founded by legendary Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki.



Studio Ghibli Museum tip: 

Get your tickets before going! It’s highly recommended to get tickets as far in advance as you can as the museum is very popular to visit and it can be hard to get tickets.

You can buy Studio Ghibli Museum tickets here.



Visiting Studio Ghibli Museum


studio Ghibli Museum tokyo


Being an animation studio it’s naturally super cute.

Totoro, the most famous of all Studion Ghibli animation characters is there to greet you 🙂

You can’t take any photos inside the museum so sadly I can’t show you what it’s like inside, but on the happier side it means it will be a nice surprise when there.


With the most famous of Japanese animation characters, Totoro.

studio Ghibli Museum tokyo totoro


Once inside the museum there are numerous exhibitions around displaying art form the animation and large mechanical figures to see in the larger exhibition area.

It’s seriously cool and if you’re with children they will love it!

One thing you should definitely see is a short animation film in a small theatre that’s exclusive just for the museum. It’s shown a few times an hour.


Totoro! Ok this photo was taken somewhere else but want to show more Studio Ghibli magic.

studio Ghibli Museum totoro



Studio Ghibli Movies List


Spirited Away is the most famous of all Studio Ghibli movies having reached an international audience after winning an Oscar for best animation movie (it’s my favourite animation from Ghibli).

Here’s a rundown of all the Studio Ghibli movies to watch (the main featured movies). I’ve added links (affiliate) where you can get them on Blu-ray/dvd if you want to watch them.

I’ve seen all of Studio Ghibli movies and some a bunch of times such as Spirited Away (5 times now) and Princess Mononoke (3 times).

This is the Studio Ghibli movies list:

1984: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

1986: Castle in the Sky

1988: Grave of the Fireflies

1988: My Neighbor Totoro

1989: Kiki’s Delivery Service

1991: Only Yesterday

1992: Porco Rosso

1994: Pom Poko

1995: Whisper of the Heart

1997: Princess Mononoke

1999: My Neighbors the Yamadas

2001: Spirited Away

2002: The Cat Returns

2004: Howl’s Moving Castle

2006: Tales from Earthsea

2008: Ponyo

2010: Arrietty

2011: From Up on Poppy Hill

2013: The Wind Rises

2013: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

2014: When Marnie Was There



The Best Studio Ghibli Movies 


Ok this will be a very personal opinion and others may have different favourites.

But if you’re looking for just a few Studio Ghibli movies to watch then these are the ones (I) would recommend.

As mentioned before Spirited Away really is a must see movie for Japanese animation. This should be your first choice.

Princess Mononoke should be 2nd.

Howls Moving Castle 3rd.

And… the very first movie on the list of Studio Ghibli movies, Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind.

That is what I would say to watch. The first 2 for sure.


spirited away studio Ghibli

Side note: I don’t own the copyright to this image of Spirited Away. it’s being used under fair usage to discuss the movie.



Go To Studio Ghibli Museum


This is just a quick lowdown on visiting the Studio Ghibli Museum.

One of my main reasons for writing this post was to give the tip I made at the beginning: to get tickets as far in advance as possible.

I met quite a few travellers who were disappointed they couldn’t visit because of it being sold out.

So to be safe if you really want to go there book ahead, months ahead if possible.

You can buy Studio Ghibli Museum tickets here which also includes a guided tour of peaceful nearby Inokashira Park (one of my favourite parks in Tokyo).



Enjoy your time in Tokyo and Studio Ghibli.

Many of the Studio Ghibli animation movies are in my 10 best Japanese animation to watch post.

Read more on Tokyo: Things to do in Tokyo

This is the official website for the Studio Ghibli Museum.

Address for Studio Ghibli Museum:

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka
1-1-83 Simorenjaku, Mitaka-shi
Tokyo 181-0013




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studio Ghibli Museum tokyo totoro


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