Pamukkale is one of the must-see sites in Turkey and I visited Pamukkale in winter, February specifically, which is one of the best times to visit.

The temperature in winter is not too cold and not hot like the summer months.

This is what it’s like and why you should go.

Fun fact: ‘Pammukale’ means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish.




Pamukkale in Winter





The Roman Ruins in Pamukkale (Hierapolis)



Technically Hierapolis was a Greek city and set up as a spa healing centre in the 2nd century BC, but most of the outstanding ruins you will find today were built by the Romans after their conquest of the area in 133 BC.

Quick history lesson over, the ruins are great to explore around not just for the well-preserved state of some of them but also because of the great views of surrounding mountains from where it is located, along with the nearby white calcium travertines.


Roman ruins in Hierapolis.

pamukkale stadium


pamukkale roman ruins


turkey hiking


pamukkale ruins


roman ruins in turkey




Pamukkale Health Benefits (The Calcium Travertines)



The Romans back in the day used the thermal pools in Pamukkale for the mineral-rich healing properties in the water, and today it is still a popular place to visit for wellness.

There are natural springs to visit with one being nearby the calcium formed white travertines. It apparently can help with cardiovascular diseases, intestinal problems, skin problems, and more, if drunk. I didn’t try drinking it, mainly because I don’t have those problems.

The Karahayit region nearby is the best place to go for thermal cures and as this article is about visiting Pammukale in winter you will appreciate the warm soothing waters, even if you don’t need any cures.


The white calcium travertines of Pammukale.

pamukkale winter health


pamukkale health


pamukkale health benefits


pamukkale in winter




Pamukkale Travel



So the main reasons you should go to Pammukale in winter is the nicer temperatures and the reason to go in the first place is for the thermal waters and the ruins and great views from Hierapolis. 

It’s one of my favourite places in Turkey.

For more articles on Turkey travel take a look at my posts on visiting Cappadocia in winter and travelling across Turkey from Istanbul to Kars via the sleeper train from Ankara.

You can find places to stay in Pamukkale here.

And this a recommended tour to Pamukkale from Kusadasi if you don’t want to do it alone:




For a great overall guide to Turkey pick up the Lonely Planet Turkey guidebook.


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