Part of my journey in India travelling from the far north in the Himalayas in Sikkim down to Kochi in Kerala in the south included a trip from Hyderabad to the grand palaces of Mysuru.

This is the photo section of that part of the trip with Hyderabad being a big chaotic city and Mysore being grander with its palaces, and less busy.









Hyderabad india



Hyderabad archway



Hyderabad square



Hyderabad architecture



Hyderabad sunset



Hyderabad streets



Hyderabad streets



Hyderabad gold shopping



Hyderabad gold shop



Hyderabad lake sunset



Find places to stay in Hyderabad here.




The Palaces of Mysore





mysuru palace



mysuru palace



mysuru palace



mysuru palaces



Find places to stay in Mysore here.




India Travel



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