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5 Tips For Planning a Glamping Holiday

Camping can be fun for everyone, especially if you want to be more in touch with nature. But this doesn’t mean that you’re only limited to what the outdoors has to offer when you can absolutely scale it up and turn it into a glamping experience.  

Glamping is a glamorous form of camping where you’ll experience resort-style experiences without staying inside a hotel room. It has all of the resort amenities, but staying in a luxurious tent allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds lavishly. Since it’ll be off-grid, you can bring your own portable solar panels to keep yourself comfy, but this is optional, especially if you plan to stay disconnected.  

If this is your first time glamping, below are some quick guides for your amazing glamping adventure: 

Where To Go Glamping 

The first thing you need to do when planning for a glamping adventure is to identify where you’re going. Unlike camping, you can’t just take out a tent and place it on a safe flat ground; you have to look for accommodation that offers glamping services.

Choosing the best area will help define your overall experience as it’ll set the mood and tone of how your adventure will be. 

Luckily, you can choose from plenty of glamping destinations. You can visit the Yurtcamp in Devon, Cotswolds Camping at Holycombe in Warwickshire, Hoots Treehouse in East Sussex, or Camp Katur in North Yorkshire.

You can choose among those options on how glamorous you’d want your glamping adventure to be. The luxurious vibe they’ll bring will surely provide you with amazing comfort and experience you’ll never forget. 

When Should You Go Glamping

After deciding where you’ll be glamping, the next thing you need to do is to check your calendars and choose when you should go glamping. In most cases, locals recommend glamping in May as Spring is about to end, and you can enjoy the full blossom of its flowers and the beauty of nature.

The temperature is also getting warmer, and the days are getting longer, perfect for daily adventures and activities.  

Alternatively, if you’d like to enjoy the coldness of the air during your glamping adventure, then you should proceed during the winter season. However, this might require you to bring extra jackets and blankets, but the warmth it’ll bring will surely help to make the adventure cozier and calmer.

The natural light and heat that your firepit would bring would surely help provide everyone relaxation and comfort.  

How To Make The Most Out Of Glamping 

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As you decide where and when you’ll go glamping, one of the most exciting yet tiring you need to do is how you can make the most out of your glamping trip. This is where you plan everything to ensure you make the best of your weekend adventure. Moreover, below are some things you need to do to maximize your glamping adventure:

  • Bring Plenty Of Comforts 

A glamping accommodation should be able to provide you with an amazing bed and blankets you can snuggle yourself in. While they can provide enough comfort, it’ll be helpful if you should bring extra, just in case.

This would work best during the coldest winter nights, or you’re just the type who cannot sleep with a thin blanket as you need to use heavy and plenty of loads with it.  

Apart from bringing extra blankets, you can also get additional cushions to make your stay more comfortable. This can include pillows or even another set of cushions, such as comfortable chairs or mattress toppers. While they might cover plenty of your trunk space from your vehicle, they’ll surely help to make your entire glamping experience comfortable.  

  • Create A Meal Plan 

When you go glamping, you can’t expect to be served luxurious foods in your tent. Even if you experience resort-like amenities, it doesn’t include bringing everything for you as there are some things you need to supply for yourself, including your meals.

While you can always drive to buy your meals, it might just lose the essence of glamping if you’re not maximizing the nature and great outdoors to supply your meals. You’ll need to cook them yourself and allow everything to start from scratch.  

As you’re staying for the entire weekend to go glamping, the last thing you’d want to think about is to stress yourself about what kind of food you’ll be serving for the day. To let yourself enjoy the entire weekend, you should create a meal plan and prepare your food while you’re still at home.

This way, you can take out your containers and cook them on your portable cooking stove and let yourself enjoy a freshly-cooked meal for everyone to enjoy.

  • Bring Entertainment 

Being off-grid for the entire weekend might not be as exciting as you’d hope it’ll be if you haven’t prepared any activities for anyone. That’ll make them dread nature and hurry back home so they can enjoy playing on their console and stay connected online. To let everyone enjoy the wonders of nature and fully appreciate the adventure, you should plan and bring entertainment.  

You can begin by carrying board games, a deck of cards, a musical instrument, or a watercolor set. Alternatively, you can even look up plenty of amazing and fun campfire games that everyone can join. If you’re lucky enough to glamp on an area near a water feature, you can take a quick dip or avail of any water sport you could try.  

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorize 

If you’re saving costs with your glamping but would still love to enjoy the perks of luxurious camping, you shouldn’t be afraid to accessorize. As you book your accommodation, which usually comes with a simple and basic design, you can always spice it up a bit by adding your own decorations. 

You can try adding solar string lights around your glamping site and make the place look more magical. You can even lay out some wooden tables and chairs in front of your tent to have a decent place to eat and hang around. If your glamp site is near plenty of sturdy trees, you might consider bringing your own hammock for added comfort.  

Treat Yourself To A Glamping Holiday

Planning for your first glamping adventure can be exciting and challenging as you must make everything perfect. As you prepare for your glamp, you need to look for the best location and identify which time of the year you should go on an adventure.

As you pack the right things with you, you can surely make the weekend fun and enjoyable for everyone. A successful glamping experience might demand another one!

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