Cochem is a very picturesque town on the Moselle River in Germany and its most famous landmark is the Reichsburg Castle (Cochem Castle) hovering over the town from a hill above.

It makes an excellent and easy day trip along the Moselle River from places such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, and the surrounding areas.

Or come down stay the night and enjoy it at a slower pace while seeing other things on the Moselle such as Eltz Castle.

This is what you can see there and why you should definitely try to Cochem.







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Cochem is a medieval town and is perfectly preserved with its medieval buildings in the old town square to see and along small streets.

It’s here you will find cafes and bars to have a drink outside in nicer weather or enjoy the ambience inside during the other times.


cochem square



cochem cafes



cochem town square


Side streets to explore in Cochem.


cochem streets


cafes in cochem


The main waterfront of Cochem is more modern than the old buildings in the centre but is still absolutely charming.


moselle river Germany




Reichsburg Castle (Cochem Castle)



germany castles cochem


The Reichsburg Castle (I’ll just call it the Cochem Castle from now on) is the main draw for things to see in Cochem.

It towers over the town on a hill and is the must-visit site in the area.


cochem castle



cochem moselle river



cochem castle



cochem castle



burg cochem



cochem castle



View onto the Moselle Valley from Cochem Castle.


moselle river



moselle river


One great way to see the area is to go on a Moselle River cruise:





Bonus – Eltz Castle



Eltz castle moselle river


Eltz Castle is another one of the castles in the Moselle Valley that should be visited if you have the time. 

It’s not so far from Cochem so can be added on as part of the day trip. We arrived late and it was closed already but we did manage to hike in the nearby woods and see it from the outside.

It is definitely planned to see it if in the area again. 


If you are not going on your own transport and are in Germany you can book a tour there from Frankfurt:





Moselle Valley



The Moselle Valley should be on anyone’s itinerary if in that part of Germany or nearby countries and makes an excellent day trip.

I visited Cochem with a group of friends as a side excursion on a weekend road trip from Amsterdam to Belgium.

If you don’t visit Cochem on a day trip and decide to spend the night you can find places to stay in Cochem here.

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travel guide to cochem in Germany

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