From the mighty monuments of Rome to the charming piazzas of Milan and Florence, Italy’s cities are always placed at the top of a backpacker’s to-do list. If you are backpacking in Italy they are a highlight of travel there.

Yet beyond the cobbled streets, designer shops and fast-paced nightlife you’ll find a wealth of diverse landscapes to enjoy! Whether you’re more of a beach or mountain person, here are a few reasons to get out there and explore the Italian countryside. 

Backpacking in Italy


1. The unbeatable food



We probably don’t have to tell you just how amazing Italian food is, and you can certainly enjoy all of its bounty from handmade pasta to wood-fired pizza in the cities. Yet when you head out into the countryside, you’ll be able to taste the local produce at its very freshest.

Enjoy hyper-local traditional Italian food in each region, like fresh lemon gelato in Sicily, pecorino cheese in Le Marche, and chestnut pastries in Calabria. You can even tour the farms in many cases, from olive groves to vineyards.

2. The inspiring landscapes



Backpackers get a taste of the country landscapes when travelling through the country by train, but why not stop off at some of the smaller villages and explore on foot?

If you have time on your hands, you can enjoy regions like the Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo with its craggy peaks and winter glaciers, or the Alpine valleys of the Valle d’Aosta to the north. 

3. The sport and recreation