The World Nomad Games Come To A Close.

After almost a week of sports and displays of nomadic culture, the World Nomad Games come to a close. Countries from all over Central Asia came to play, as well as some from further afield, such as the USA.

World Nomad Games.

At sometimes brutal, such as with the tough game of kok boru, and other times beautiful, with the smiling faces of the nomads in the valley, people came together to celebrate.

Kok baru at World Nomad Games

The opening ceremony was a grand display of dance and dress, showcasing the best of Kyrgyzstan, while the closing ceremony was a concert of mostly local singers and dancers.

Kyrgyzstan wrestler at World Nomad Games

They say that the World Nomad Games may become an annual event, whether held in Kyrgyzstan again, or in another host country. Either way it would be an event not to miss, and hopefully will continue.

Horse wrestling in Kyrgyzstan World Nomad Games

The World Nomad Games is one of the best travel, cultural, and sporting experiences to come along in a long time. Keep an eye out for the future of these epic games!

Eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan


 The Closing Ceremony of The World Nomad Games.

The games closing was not as impressive as the opening ceremony, and yet had a down to earth party atmosphere with singers and dancing.

World Nomad Games closing ceremony.

The crowd at the hippodrome got excited when their winning Kyrgyzstan kok boru team entered to pick up their prize, which was then followed by more singing and smiles.

World Nomad Games closing ceremony.

The dancers wore a variety of costumes through the night.

World Nomad Games closing ceremony.

And it all ended with a patriotic singing of the Kyrgyzstan national anthem and the obligatory photogenic flag waving.

World Nomad Games closing ceremony.

The games have been one of the best things I have experienced in over seventeen years of travel, and I highly recommend going if they do continue in the future.

Until hopefully another time, goodbye to the 2014 World Nomad Games.




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