The World Nomad Games In Kyrgyzstan

The games have been going on for three days now, and with so much to see and experience. It’s not just about sports and the competition itself, but a display of the culture and traditions of the nomadic life.

Eagle hunter at World Nomad Games

In one area displays of wrestling show the strength and skill of the men, representing teams from all over, with a strong presence from Kyrgyzstan itself.

Kyrgyzstan wrestling at the World Nomad Games.

From strength of body to strength of mind as board games are played nearby, with a good showing from Kazakhstan.

Board game at World Nomad Games

In a valley in the mountains many people show their nmad way of life, and come dressed for the occasion. Singing, horse displays, eating traditional food, it’s all present.



It has a unique atmosphere, with friendly people showing their kindness, and yurt tents spread out everywhere.


Traditionally dressed girls at World Nomad Games

Young and old come to join in the fun and entertainment at the World Nomad Games.


Traditionally dressed people celebrate at the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan


On the field the horsemen show their mastery in all kinds of displays. From jumping off their horses while galloping, to charging with spears and eagles.

Horse display at World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan

Even riding while engulfed in flames, to the excitement of the crowd.

Man on fire on horse at World Nomad Games.

Meanwhile back on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul at the hippodrome teams play in the game of kok baru. The aim is to get a headless goat into the other players goal.

Kok baru in Kyrgyzstan



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