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5 of The Best Trekking Destinations for Adventurous Couples

While travelling solo is exciting and empowering, travelling with your significant other is a totally different experience.

And if both of you are thrill-seekers, going on a trek to some beautiful and exciting places would be a perfect adventure.

But with so many amazing destinations for trekking, where should you go? To help you decide, we’ve rounded up a list of the best trekking destinations for adventurous couples.

Kauai Island 

trekking destinations - Kauai.

Kauai may be the oldest of all Hawaiian Islands, but it’s also the least visited.

Overshadowed by the more popular islands of Maui and Oahu, the Garden Isle is a wonderful destination for couples who dare to venture off the beaten path and discover a stunning landscape filled with natural wonders and interesting wildlife.

Visitors to Kauai will be spoiled for choice when it comes to trekking. But one of the best spots to explore in Kauai is the Waimea Canyon, dubbed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. Just like the Grand Canyon’s gorge walls, the walls of Waimea Canyon are striped with shades of red and brown, which looks truly stunning.

Soak up the views from one of the designated lookout spots along Highway 550 or go on a hike for an intimate view of the canyon. There are about a dozen hiking trails around the Waimea Canyon, and most are moderate to difficult.   

Trekking the North Shore is also popular in Kauai. Most treks in this part of the island are muddy and strenuous, with some elements of danger involved. Therefore, it’s more recommended for the more expert trekkers.

After trekking, you definitely want to sleep somewhere relaxing. Thankfully, there are several high-end north shore Kauai rentals that cater to couples, with some of them located close to the top trekking spots on the island.

Mount Fuji – Japan

Mount Fuji is Japan’s largest mountain and definitely its most famous icon. Since the mountain is snow-capped for almost the entire year, it will only be available to novice climbers for a short hiking season during the summer, which is around July to September. 

There are four trails to choose from when hiking Mount Fuji, but the most popular route is the Yoshida Trail, due in part to the scenic views of the Fuji Five Lakes, which you can encounter from the starting point. The Fujinomiya Trail is also popular for many hikers since it’s the shortest. Yet, it’s also the steepest and may not be the easiest route to take. 

While you are free to begin your climb anytime you want to, most hikers will choose to begin their journey at night, so they reach the summit early in the morning, just in time to view the stunning sunrise views. Viewing the sunrise from the peak of Mount Fuji is a truly romantic experience and is also said to bring good luck.

Kyrgyzstan Mountains 

Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a truly exciting experience, especially if you’re doing it with your loved one. The country is home to gorgeous valleys, stunning alpine lakes, and some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

As a popular trekking destination, there are many scenic routes you can trek in Kyrgyzstan. One of these is the route heading to the stunning Alakul lake. The lake is located about 20 km from Karakol town at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. Along the way, you’ll come across the Alakul Pass, Karakol Gorge, and Sirota Camp.

The Aksu Traverse is a great option for trekkers who prefer long hikes. Due to its remote location, you won’t meet any other trekkers along the way. But sometimes, you’ll see local shepherds herding sheep.

Another option if you don’t want to share the route with many other tourists is the Archa Tor Pass. Your trek will start at Chon Kyzyl Suu before summiting the Archa Tor Pass and descending into Jeti Oguz Valley. From here, you can marvel at the gorgeous views of Elcin Peak.

Cornish Coast 

st ives

Cornwall is a place for adventures. Located in the southwest of England, the region has a lot to offer for avid trekkers and nature lovers. Your trek will take you to stunning places, from dramatic cliffs to coastal paths and secluded beaches. 

Cornwall lies in the most south-westerly point of England, surrounded on both sides by water. So, when going on coastal treks, you’ll have plenty of route options.

Newquay, a scenic seaside town along Cornwall’s Atlantic Coast, offers several coastal paths with stunning views anywhere you look! When trekking the area, consider staying in adult-only campsites in Cornwall favourite Newquay on the way.

If you trek quietly and attentively, you will have the opportunity of very special wildlife encounters on your trek of Cornwall. With luck, you could spot marine life, such as dolphins playing in the water.

You could even come across different species of reptiles and mammals, such as bats, deer, and badgers. After a long hike, treat yourself to delicious Cornish delicacies. The region has a range of local specialities, from seafood and fish to the popular Cornish pasties.

The Kenai Peninsula – Alaska

exit glacier Seward Alaska
Me at a glacier in the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is a vast borough in the south of Anchorage that encompasses the areas from Hope to Homer. Since the area is so vast, it offers plenty of incredible hiking trails with insane glaciers, big mountains, and stunning alpine lakes. 

Hope Point is a popular hiking trail in the Kenai Peninsula that will reward you with stunning views of the Chugach Mountains, Turnagain Arm, and Anchorage. The hike is more suitable for experienced trekkers since it’s difficult due to the steep elevation. Yet, the breathtaking views along the way make the journey absolutely worth it!

The Resurrection Pass is highly recommended for multi-day treks in the Kenai Peninsula. It’s a 39-mile-long trail that’s well-maintained and has numerous designated campsites along the way.

For this route, you’ll be hiking through the Kenai Mountains, between the communities of Cooper Landing and Hope. Meanwhile, the Harding Icefield Trail is recommended if you’re trekking here in winter.

You’ll be climbing a valley through the cottonwood and alder forests before making it above a tree line that has breathtaking views of the icefield.

Have a read of my guide to the Kenai Peninsula.

Trekking Destinations for Adventure

And those are just 5 of the amazing trekking destinations that you can go to.

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