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5 Best Markets In London To Visit

London is a shopping and food paradise and these are five of the best markets in London that are perfect for just that.

Many people would normally only have time for a few markets on a city visit, as most people only come for a few days.

As such the five London markets in this post are the ones that you should definitely try and visit.

Having said that London has so many great markets so if you have the time try and explore more.

From food, antiques, clothes, old memorabilia, and everything in-between, these five markets in London have you covered.

best London Markets

1. Camden Lock Market London


Camden Market rocks! It’s as simple as that.

Camden Market is actually not just one market, but a collection of different ones that all merge together to form a huge shopping area.

The old streets are full of history like most markets in London.

The place has a great alternative vibe to it as well and is huge. You can find many stalls selling delicious food, clothing, and a whole lot more.

Spend at least two hours exploring as there are plenty of side alleys from the main areas to get lost in.

eating at camden market
Searching for a bite to eat at Camden Market.

There is also a good bar scene for having some drinks, and if the food stalls in the markets didn’t satisfy you, then there are some swanky restaurants as well.


This is one of the best markets in London for a youthful party-style atmosphere. Definitely check out the Cyberdog shop while there, it will amaze you!

Camden Lock Market makes for one of the best clothes markets in London for an alternative lifestyle.

Camden Town and Camden Market also make a great place to go if you’re travelling with kids in London as there are lots of things to see in the market area along with the occasional street performer.

2. Old Spitalfields Market London and Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market

These two are included together as they are basically right next to each other.

You can visit Spitalfields Market almost any day, whereas Brick Lane is a Sunday thing.

Brick Lane is famous in London for its curry houses, so even if you are around when the market isn’t on, it’s still worth a visit for a spicy meal.

When the Brick Lane Market is on the area is buzzing with the usual food stalls and clothes sellers.

There are some great retro style shops around and good street art to add to the ambience.


As for Spitalfields Market, it’s packed with old trinket stalls selling lots of old memorabilia and clothes.

Spitalfields Market is over 350 years old so has a lot of history going for it, despite the new modern surroundings.


It’s definitely worth going to both of these markets as they are only minutes apart and they are the best markets in London for retro things.

3. Portobello Road Market London

Portobello Road Market.

Portobello Road Market in the Notting Hill Burroughs of London is great for strolling through. It’s the largest market in the world to buy antiques and is one of the best markets in London for that.

It has a very relaxed atmosphere and some great street food.

Saturday is the best day to visit as Sunday is much quieter. Although it still makes for a great market to visit in London on a Sunday.

Apart from the delicious food the shops and stalls sell every antique and memorabilia you could think of (well ok maybe not everything, but close enough).

Tasty pastries at Portobello Road Market.

There are also good street musicians and music venues around. And being London there are naturally a few goods pubs as well.

Hyde Park is only a few minutes walk away so you can combine both places together on a visit.

4. Borough Market London (and Southbank Real Food Market)

Borough Market in London

Get ready for some serious eating at these two markets!

Combine these two markets together simply because they are both a pleasant 45-minute walk from each other along the Thames Southbank, and are both food markets.

Borough Market happens every day, whereas Southbank Real Food Market is a weekend thing over a three day period.

There is a prevailing feeling around Borough Market that feels distinctively Londonesque. You will understand that when visiting.

Burrough Market is easily one of the best markets in London for food.

Make sure to try some of the British pies on sale, and many stalls will allow you to test taste their product before buying.

You will find plenty of pubs next to the market as well for a British beer to wash down all the food.

5. Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is on the list because of the hilarious street entertainers that are often seen performing there and the excellent cafes.

That and the fact that it’s so centrally located you will most certainly be passing through while exploring the centre.

Inside the big building, there are food (you see the recurring theme of great eats in all these markets) and various other shops.

best London Markets
Food at Covent Garden Market.

It used to be an open-air market since the 17th century until some rich men decided to house all the shops under one roof in the 19th century.

The Best Markets in London


So those are the five boroughs of London with markets that you should definitely see while visiting London.

Naturally of course there are a bunch of other markets in London, but these are the main ones that are recommended.

It’s worth seeing some of these markets just for the street performers alone.

Most London markets start shutting down around 4-5 in the evening, so make sure you get there before then.

Markets are one of the best places in a city to experience great eating and the local people.

So do yourself a favour and go visit a market wherever you may be.


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