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15 Best Bars In Kyiv For 2022 (Nightlife In Kyiv Guide)

Looking for the best bars in Kyiv? This is a list of some of the best drinking and partying you can do in the city after extensive “research” partying in the city for several months.

Kyiv bars are a lot of fun and drinking/socialising in the city is one of the highlights about the place and the nightlife in Kyiv is some of the best in Europe.

It’s a hidden gem.

But many tourists coming in for just a few days will most likely not have a good idea of where to go.

There is a place called Arena in the centre with some bars, and tends to be where a lot of people end up as it’s easy to find and well known. It does tend to be full of foreigners though and can be expensive.

The best bars are the ones that mostly locals and expats go to, which is generally a trend all over the world.

But the best ones can be hard to find.

Which bars in Kiev are they?

Well, that’s what this post is about, to help those of you visiting Kyiv and wanting to go out drinking, or for new arrivals moving to the city.

Or maybe you’re just curious.

I personally love going out drinking and socialising and have been to most bars on this list, and can recommend them. I also got in touch with many friends in the city, locals and expats alike, and asked there opinion.

Not surprisingly most of their recommendations were places I love as well.

There are 1 or 2 that I haven’t been to, but I trust the people that said they are good.

Many of the bars are not that big, but that actually makes for a good atmosphere.

The main bars of the city that people will tell you to go to as a tourist are not on the list, as the point of this post is to direct you to more local bars.

Naturally there are a lot of bars in Kyiv, but there’s no point in covering that many as most people will not have the time on a trip to see them all.

This is a list of some of the best bars in Kyiv so if any were missed out that you like that’s the reason.

All the bars are located in the centre and most will serve food as well.

Many tend to be set in basements also, which is fun, but can make some of them hard to find.

best bars in Kiev -bar 13
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You wouldn’t think this was the entrance to a very cool bar, but it is. Bar 13.

Some of the bars will have good foreign beer such as some Belgium ones, but the local Ukrainian beer is decent as well.

Many of these bars serve excellent cocktails also.

One stereotype about drinking in Ukraine is that they all drink vodka there. However, whenever I have been out drinking in Kyiv most of my local friends don’t drink it, and observing others, they tend not to either so much.

I have included rough walking distances between the bars that may be close enough to walk to each other. The ones that aren’t listed as walking to each other means they will be at least over 15 minutes walk away between them.

The bar areas tend to be spread out, not all concentrated in one main area, like some cities have, so taking a taxi from time to time will have to be done. Unless you like walking a lot!

Thankfully taxis are very cheap. Use an app for your phone called Uklon Taxi and this will give you the cheapest rates and avoid you being overcharged.

For each bar recommended there is a link to their Facebook page where you can get directions on how to get there, and see some photos of the place to see if maybe it’s your kind of vibe.

The bars are in no particular order.

Note: This post contains affiliate links to help you plan your trip with site seeing tickets etc and are covered in my disclaimer.

Also, the Ukrainians spell their capital Kyiv, the other way to spell it is the commonly used Kiev, but that’s the Russian way to say it.


The Best Bars in Kiev and Nightlife in Kiev

Here you go…

Parovoz Speak Easy Bar Kyiv

best bars in Kiev - Paravoz Speak Easy
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This is a great place that is hard to find but worth it.

It’s set underneath one of the oldest cinemas in Kyiv close to Tolstoho Square, which is nearby the Arena complex in the centre.

It has a jazzy sort of atmosphere, making it feel a bit old school with good food and great cocktails. Think swing dancing kind of vibe.

Entering the place you will see a large screen often showing old movies. The bar staff dress retro also.

Try the carbonara and steaks.

Not the cheapest place out of the bars but definitely worth it.

5 minutes walk to Divan or Banka bars.

Reasonable to upward prices.

Address:19, V.Vasylkivska street


Open:12:00 – 02:00 daily

Parovoz Speak Easy Facebook

Definitely one of the best bars in Kyiv.

Alchemist Bar Kiev

Only a few minutes walk from Parovoz this is a very fun bar/dance place and great for your nightlife in Kyiv party time.

On weekends it gets packed and everyone dances until late in the small dance area at the front, often to dj’s pumping out house tunes.

Being that busy is a lot of fun as it’s easy to meet people.

Drinks are just the same as most bars in the area. Reasonable prices.

Address: Shota Rustaveli Street 12

Phone: +380 96 008 7070

Facebook: Alchemist

Kosatka Bar Kyiv

Kosatka bar is chilled out in the day like in this photo but gets very lively at night.

Lovely place with chilled atmosphere. They often have dj’s on the turntables at the weekend and is always packed with a good crowd. They have some good cocktails as well apparently , although I have not tried them.

Beer tastes good here.

5 minutes walk to Bar 13, roughly 15 minutes to Barbara bar and Palata 6.

Reasonable prices.

Address: Velyka Zhytomyrska St, 25/2, Kiev, Ukraine, 02000

Phone:+380 44 272 2530

Open 9.00 to 23.00 weekdays. 9.00 to 3.00 weekends.

Kosatka Facebook


Barbara Bar Kyiv

One of the largest bars mentioned here. If you get it on a packed night (mostly weekends obviously) then it’s a great party place, often with dj’s and a small dance floor.

It also has the benefit of being right next to the Atlas club.

In summer they have a very good terrace on the roof.

Roughly 15 minutes walk to Kosatka and the same to Palata 6.

Reasonable prices.

Address: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 37

Phone:+380 96 875 7587

Barbara Bar Facebook

Divan Bar Kyiv

Technically this is a restaurant, with many comfortable couch booths to chill on with a group of friends. But it also has a good bar located in the same room with reasonable prices. Most nights they will have live bands playing and it’s right next to the Arena complex.

It’s also one of the bars that stays open the latest. Roll down there at 3 in the morning and chances are you could still be able to grab a drink. Don’t count on it though.

5 minutes walk to Parovoz Speak Easy and 10 to Banka.

Reasonable to cheap prices. They often have discounted drinking times.

Address: Bessarabs’ka Square, 2

Phone:+380 44 235 7366

Open: Usually midday until 3.00 in morning.

Divan Facebook

Juniper Bar Kyiv

A bit of a hipster place with good food and very chilled out friendly atmosphere. Vegetarians will appreciate it here.

You have to take your shoes off before entering so make sure you have clean socks on!

Roughly 5 minutes walk to Pink Freud and 10 -15 to Closer.

Reasonable prices.

Address: Mezhyhirska St 9

Phone: +380932569223

Open 9.00 to 1.00.    9.00 to 2.00 Thursday to Sunday.

Juniper Facebook


Bar 13 Kyiv

Most people miss this place, including locals. But it’s not that far from the Kosatka bar mentioned before and definitely worth checking out for a more mellow vibe. Sometimes they have dj’s playing at the weekends.

They put a lot of effort into making drinks here.

Make sure to try the whisky sour.

5 minutes walk to Kosatka bar and 5 to Buena Vista.

Address: 02000, Reitarska St, 21/13

Phone:+380 66 094 8856

Open: 14.00 to 2.00

Reasonable prices.

Bar 13 Facebook


PR Bar Kyiv

The highlight of this bar, apart from being a chilled little place, is the fact that once a week (currently on Wednesdays) is where the local couchsurfing community meet up. That normally means lots of people and a great way to meet people.

It’s a 50/50 mix of locals and expats, with a few people just passing through. If by yourself in the city just head down there on the couchsurfing night and get talking with strangers.

10 minutes walk to Juniper bar and 15 to UBK Beach bar.

Reasonable prices.

Address: Petra Sahaidachnoho Vulytsia 6A

Phone: +38067 828 1849

Open:  Normally midday until 1.00

PR Bar Facebook


Pink Freud Kyiv

Got to love the name of this one. I haven’t actually made it there yet, but some friends have and recommend it. One friend I trust about partying in Kyiv described why she likes it as being –

“It’s in a yard with some sofas and tables and cool to sit outside. Very good tasty drinks”.

By looking at their pictures it seems to have a good artistic atmosphere as well.

5 – 7 minutes walk to Closer and Juniper.

Apparently reasonable prices.

Address: 19 Nyzhnii Val

Phone: +38050 991 9818

Pink Freud Facebook


Banka Bar Kyiv

Best bars in Kiev - drinks at Banka bar wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes.
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Student drinks at Banka bar wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes.

This is a chain of student bars in the city and student bars can sometimes mean a lot of fun.

The one recommended to visit is next to Shivshenko University as it’s the most central.

Being a student place it’s also cheap and they have some fun drinking games if you get the right crowd in.

You may get unlucky and it can then simply be just a normal bar, but get the right students coming in to get drunk and the atmosphere livens up.

Drinking games include wearing a helmet and being whacked on the head, and a personal favourite of watching people drink flaming shots through a gas mask.

Drinks are served out of jars.

Same area as Parovoz Speak Easy and Divan. 5 – 7 minutes walk to Parovoz Speak Easy and Divan.

Cheap prices.

Address: Lva Tolstoho St, 11/61

Phone: +380 98 988 7988

Open: Until  1.00

Banka Bar Facebook



UBK Beach Bar and Kyiv Nightclub

Strictly a summer bar as it’s set outside on a beach by the river but perfect for nightlife in Kyiv during the summer.

Beach bars are normally fun and this is the same, with hammocks, hookah pipes, techno/house music on the dance floor, and people gathering on the sand.

It is closed for the rest of the year though outside of late spring/summer/early autumn.

Set out there by itself not really close to the other bars on this list, but still central. Around 15 minutes walk from the central Maidan Square and PR bar.

Reasonable prices.

Phone: +38097 295 5384

UBK Beach Facebook


Closer Kyiv Nightclub

Ok this one is more of a club than a bar but is a lot of fun, especially during summer with the back terrace open for gathering with a drink.

They have different event nights, including art exhibitions, so check on their Facebook page to see what’s going on.

Weekends mostly tends to be techno/house music with some good dj’s often coming from other parts of Europe making it one of the best spots for nightlife in Kyiv.

It’s set in an old factory and is an artistic cool place.

Same area as Pink Freud and Juniper. Several minutes walk to Pink Freud and around 10-15 to Juniper.

Reasonable prices.

You will most likely have to pay entrance here.

Address: Nyzhn’oyurkivs’kyi Ln

Phone:+380 67 250 0308

Open: Depends. Sometimes until 7 in morning and then some!

Closer Facebook


Palata 6 Bar Kyiv

This is a themed bar where waitresses get dressed up as nurses and give you shots out of test tubes and syringes. They also have a fun helmet drinking game similar to Banka.

Roughly 15 minutes walk either way to Barbara Bar and Kosatka.

Reasonable to cheap prices.

Address: Bulvarno-Kudriavska St, 31А

Phone:+380 44 486 5152

Open: 11.00 to 2.00

Palata 6 Facebook


Solomenska Browarnia on Andriyivskyy Descent Bar Kyiv

Good microbrewery beer and food - best bars in Kiev
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Good microbrewery beer and food.

Somewhere for those looking for craft beer in Kyiv.

This a great microbrewery house located on the beautiful central hill road called Andriyivskyy Descent. This is a new location for this brewery apparently, but I never went to the original.

You can get an excellent 6 beer taster and good beer food. Decent prices as well.

Try the amber ale, it’s delicious.

Some nights they have live bands on the top floor. It’s a big place.

Reasonable prices.

Address: Andriyivskyy Descent 28

Phone: +380 44 248 0777

Of course there are many more craft beer places to check out while in the city.


Buena Vista Latin House Bar Kyiv

Popular with the expat crowd and locals alike. Down in the basement bar area they have salsa nights. Salsa is a popular dance with people in Kiev.

The dancing atmosphere is great . Go on the weekends for the best nights, especially Saturday.

7  minutes walk to Kosatka and Bar 13.

Reasonable prices.

Address: Velyka Zhytomyrska St, 8

Phone: +38044 279 5127

Open: Weekends until 3.00

Buena Vista Facebook


Notable Mentions For Late Late Nightlife Kyiv

best bars in Kiev - nightlife in Kiev
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Try the local beer, it’s pretty good.

These are not really bars, but if you want to continue the drinking into the early hours they are both in the centre and some open 24 hours.

So if at 4.00 you still want to drink then these are some of your only options.

Not the best places, but hey you want to keep drinking. I would only suggest them for that reason. They are also very cheap.

They are only on this list for late night shenanigans when all the good bars listed above close down, except for Closer and UBK which normally run a lot later.


Copper Bar Kyiv

There are 2 in the centre that I know of, but it is open 24 hours and so is great for those people still wanting to drink when everything else shuts down, and for getting some early morning food for the drink filled body.

Address for the one on Maidan Square : Михайловская, Mykhailivs’ka St, 2

There’s also one in the Kosatka bar area.

Cheap food and drinks.


Linas Cafe Kyiv

There are a few of these around the Arena complex area. You can smoke hookah pipes here and it has cheap food and drinks.

Linas Facebook


Mister Cat Olimpiska Kyiv Nightlife

A large restaurant near the olympic stadium which is several minutes walk from Banka, Porovoz Speak Easy, Divan.

It has cheap buy one get one free food between midnight and 5 in the morning (try the pizzas), plus reasonably priced drinks. You can also smoke hookah pipes there.

Perfect for a bit of continued drinking and getting your late night food fix.


And If You Need Your Sport in Kiev


O’Brien’s Irish Bar Kyiv

Oh dear, I never thought I would do it, but yes I’ve added an Irish bar to the list.

I tend to get pretty bored with Irish bars everywhere, but if you are in dire need of needing to watch a sporting match then this is a good place to go.

I wouldn’t really include this in the “best bars” list, but like I said if you need your sporting fix…

Thankfully it has Grimbergen Belgium beer on tap.

It’s close to central Maidan Square.

O’Brien’s Irish Bar Facebook


And Your karaoke in Kyiv

Again this doesn’t go with the best bar part but if you need some late night karaoke then this is it.

They love karaoke in Kyiv and you can find places all over, some small, some big.

I’ll only mention one here though as it is a chain and you can find them in various parts of the centre of the city.


Mafia Karaoke and restaurant

These are big karaoke bars but with reasonable prices and decent food. They also have a good song list and importantly are open very late.

I’ve stumbled out at 6 in the morning from one of these apparently but don’t really have any recollection of it. Singing God save the Queen by the Sex Pistols is one of the last real memories.

So this can go under the very late night drinking category as well.

Needless to say these are fun places to go with a group of friends.

Reasonable prices.



The Best Bars in Kyiv and Nightlife in Kyiv

Yeah, Kyiv is a lot of fun and I’ve had some great fun with the nightlife in Kyiv and bars in Kyiv.

Like I said in the beginning there are plenty of other places that could be mentioned, but these are some of the best.

In the future, more will be added as I get more recommendations and check them out.

So if you’re visiting, or even living there, and looking for the best bars in Kyiv, then hopefully this will give you a good pointer on where start.

Another tip for visiting in summer is just to grab some drinks from a supermarket and go hang out in one of the parks. This is a great way to meet local people as many do the same thing.

Yes finding some of the best bars in Kyiv is fun but sometimes just a drink in the park gets the job done!


I recommend using SafetyWing Travel Insurance for your trip, just in case, it’s best to be prepared.

Also my post on why you should visit Ukraine.

If you liked this post about the best bars in Kyiv and the best nightlife in Kyiv a share would be cool 🙂

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  1. Nice! Yeah this is more a bar list except for closer, but these are definitely worth checking out. I will be adding more to the list as I check new places out.

  2. nice list 🙂 as a citizen of Kyiv, I approve, all the places are great, can even tell you some more 🙂

  3. Cool 🙂 I may be back there again soon and would always be happy to check out more. Send a private pm through contact page with new ones to drink at.

  4. Awesome list! I’d love to check some of these out one day. I definitely didn’t expect that gate to be the entrance to a bar, I’d almost certainly pass it up. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m glad you have noticed that Ukrainians do not drink vodka )) There’s just a stereotype that Ukrainian men as well as Russians are mostly alcoholics and drink vodka day and night ))

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