You know I was thinking what the hell to write about Georgia and Armenia – I had just spent over a month there and to be honest didn’t really get out and see the “traditional” sights.

There was a reason for this:partly the fact that I like to slow travel when I feel like it to get to know a place better, and also when you travel long term like I do you can get slightly burned out from the constant travelling (not that I’m complaining, I love my life).

This happened when I got to Kiev. I had planned just a few days there but had so much fun and met so many cool people that I ended up spending 5 months in a several month period just chilling out in the city.

And so it happened when I reached Tbilisi in Georgia. I thought it would just be a short visit but spent 2 weeks. Tbilisi is my kind of city, it has a good cafe scene, art scene, and a pretty cool bar scene. Batumi on the Black Sea coast is also worth a visit.

The perfect recipe for relaxing.

But that wasn’t the only reason. It was getting bloody cold and she of the places I had wanted to see were even getting snowed in and unable to be reached.

Thus I decided to slow down, especially after a marathon 2 months beforehand rushing around Central Asia, including some hard but epic hiking in the Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan.

It was just nice to chill.

I then popped over to Yerevan in Armenia and like Tbilisi was going to spend just a few days. Two weeks later and I left 😛

The same thing happened to me as in Tbilisi, I found a few chilled out cafes and bars and met some more cool people. Fuck it! Let’s keep it easy for a bit longer. I did manage a day trip to see some monasteries outside the city after all I figured I can’t come to Armenia and at least see some monasteries.

Anyway I came back to Tbilisi again after and spent another week doing the same thing. The occasional bar drinking at night and relaxing in cafes drinking coffee during the day.

Then there was the food –

Georgian food is delicious!

Adding to all this is the fact that Georgia and Armenia are really cheap to travel.

I try and show you my adventures as I go along, but with Georgia and Armenia I didn’t really have any “adventure”. I enjoyed my time there though and so wanted to at least share that with you. In fact Tbilisi has made it to my “possible list of cities to semi-settle in”.

I highly advise you to visit someday. I will be back again in warmer weather to go hiking in the mountains or even in deep winter to go skiing(also very cheap).

So I can’t share with you epic photos of hiking in Afghanistan and the like, but here are just some simple photos from these beautiful countries to show you my time there.



Georgian food.

Khinkali dumplings filled with spicy meat.

Georgian bread is tasty and cheap and can be found in hole in the wall places everywhere in the old town.

Making the bread in a traditional oven.

Getting some bread was a daily ritual for me.

If you’re heading there for a short visit this makes a great itinerary for Georgia.

The cafe and coffeehouse scene in Tbilisi is good. My favourite places were Coffeesta on Rustaveli and Amo Rame Art Cafe.

Chilling in Amo Rame Art Cafe.


Tbilisi old town in great for wandering around. The place is crumbling down in parts and there’s a reconstruction project going on. There are many cute cafes and bars hidden amongst all of it to discover.

Tbilisi old town being reconstructed.

Old woman walks through the old town.



That’s Mount Ararat in the photo above.


Men pray inside a monastery.

Monastery on the outskirts of Yerevan.

Some of the monasteries are built right out of the rock.

Part of the monetary is built out of rock.

Small places of worship in the side of rocky outcrops.

When in Armenia be sure to try out some of the great craft beer in Yerevan. Perfect year round but very good in the cold winter months to be inside to enjoy.

Countryside in Armenia.

Some huge bread in Armenia!

Chilling in cafe with coffee getting some work done.

My favourite coffeehouse in Yerevan is Green Bean near Kaskade.

                                     Back in Georgia

When I got back to Tbilisi I was happy to meet up with the 2 friends I had travelled to Afghanistan with 2 months earlier! It was a surprise when they messaged that they were in the area. We spent a few days hanging out that involved devouring lots of food and drinking in the bars.

It’s one of the joys of travelling meeting up with friends you have made on the road 🙂

Michelle and Roy, my Afghanistan travelling friends.

There are cheap flights into Georgia and Armenia from Europe so plan a trip there some day!

You can easily head to India after and maybe do some volunteering – just a random thought.

Some books to help plan a journey to Georgia and Armenia.

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