The Best Day Trips From Osaka

So you’re planning to do some day trips from Osaka? Great! It’s the best city to base yourself in the Kansai region and further afield for just that. I have spent several months travelling in Japan (as of writing this) and several weeks of that was in Osaka. It's the...

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What to do in The Cameron Highlands – A One Day Guide

It may seem crazy to spend one day in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, but the reality is that's all the time many people that visit there have. Having spent a short weekend break with my girlfriend there this is what we suggest you as an itinerary if you only have...

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Off The Beaten Path Adventure In Somaliland

The name Somaliland conjures up images of violence associated with Somalia, but the reality could not be more different. The people are mostly friendly and the capital city Hargeisa is rather laid back, as far as cities go. Somaliland Travel   What Is Somaliland All...

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How to Safely See Wildlife in Denali National Park

Alaska is one of my favorite destinations, not least of all because of the fantastic wildlife viewing options it offers. Denali National Park can easily be the highlight of your trip in that respect. In the summer of 2017 we traveled in the Last Frontier State for...

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The Complete Backpacking Guide To Oman

Backpacking Oman. O- man is it going to be expensive, I thought to myself when thinking about going there. Oman is known as a pricey destination for the budget traveller, with a non-existent backpacking style network of hostels or cheap tours to go backpacking in...

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10 Japanese Anime to Watch Before Going to Japan

Japanese animation (anime) is such an integral part of modern day Japan that it makes sense to have some anime to watch before going to Japan. This is part of my continuing guide to Japanese culture. The Japanese make the best animation in the world (imo), and even if...

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