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10 Best Mythology Documentaries (Greek, Norse, & More)

There are so many great mythology documentaries that you can watch, but here I’ve narrowed it down to some of the best that cover many different myths around the world.

From the towering pantheons of Greek and Roman mythology to the enigmatic cosmologies of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, these documentaries about mythology serve as portals to worlds both fantastical and profound.

Mythology Documentaries

If you’re wondering what a “backpacking” site has to do with mythology, well I just have to say that I have been fascinated with myths and legends since a child and whenever I travel to new destinations I always research any of the myths about the places I visit.

It makes the destinations more interesting for me to travel, so that’s why I’m sharing some of the best mythology documentaries that I love for those who also have an interest in them.

Being half Scottish and half Irish I guess I have an interest in ancient mythology built into me!

Some of these are slightly old now but absolute classics and worth the watch.

The Power of Myth (1988)

“The Power of Myth” is a documentary series that consists of six one-hour conversations between Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, and lecturer, and journalist Bill Moyers. The series delves deep into the universal themes found in myths from various cultures around the world, exploring their relevance to contemporary society and the human experience.

In each episode, Campbell and Moyers engage in insightful discussions about topics such as the role of mythology in shaping human understanding, the hero’s journey, the nature of God and religion, and the importance of ritual and storytelling in society.

Drawing from a wide range of mythological traditions, including Greek, Native American, Hindu, and Buddhist, the series offers profound insights into the human condition and the interconnectedness of cultures throughout history.

This is easily one of my favourite mythology documentary series to watch, and I highly recommend it to get a great intro to the world of mythology.

You can find and watch the episodes for free on YouTube.

Episode one:

Clash of the Gods (2009)

“Clash of the Gods” is a documentary series produced by the History Channel and explores the myths, legends, and epic tales from various mythological traditions, focusing primarily on ancient Greek mythology but also touching on Norse, Egyptian, and other mythologies.

Each episode of “Clash of the Gods” delves into a different mythological figure or theme, such as Zeus, Hercules, Medusa, Thor, Beowulf, and others. Through dramatic reenactments, expert interviews with historians and archaeologists, and CGI-enhanced visuals, the series brings these ancient stories to life while also exploring their cultural and historical significance.

“Clash of the Gods” seeks to uncover the truths behind the myths, examining the origins of these stories, their evolution over time, and how they continue to influence popular culture and society today. The series blends entertainment with education, giving you an engaging and informative exploration of these timeless tales.

You can watch all the videos for free on DailyMotion.

Episode one:

Myths & Monsters (2017)

“Myths & Monsters” is a documentary series that delves into the origins and significance of some of the most enduring myths and legends from cultures around the world. Through a combination of dramatic reenactments, expert analysis, and stunning visuals, “Myths & Monsters” offers you a deep dive into the stories and symbols that have shaped human imagination throughout history.

Each episode of “Myths & Monsters” focuses on a specific theme or aspect of mythology, such as creation myths, hero’s journeys, or the role of monsters in folklore. Drawing from a diverse range of cultural traditions, including Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, and more, the series explores the universal themes and motifs that recur in myths across different cultures and periods.

You can watch all the episodes for free on YouTube.

Episode one:

Mythical Beasts (2018)

“Mythical Beasts” is a captivating six-part series that delves into the fascinating world of mythical creatures from various cultures and explores the origins, cultural significance, and enduring fascination with these legendary beings.

Each episode of “Mythical Beasts” focuses on a specific type of creature, such as dragons, unicorns, mermaids, gryphons, werewolves, and Bigfoot. Drawing on a combination of historical accounts, folklore, scientific theories, and expert interviews, the series investigates the myths and legends surrounding these creatures, examining how they have been portrayed in different cultures throughout history and how they continue to capture the imagination today.

Great Greek Myths (2015)

“Great Greek Myths” is a documentary series exploring the captivating tales of Greek mythology. It gives you an immersive journey into the rich tapestry of Greek myths, which have had a profound influence on literature, art, and culture throughout history.

Each episode delves into a different aspect of Greek mythology, focusing on iconic figures such as Zeus, Hera, Athena, Poseidon, and Hercules, as well as legendary events like the Trojan War and the adventures of Odysseus. Through dramatic reenactments, expert interviews, and stunning visuals, the series brings these ancient stories to life, illuminating their enduring significance and exploring their relevance to contemporary society.

Yokai—Exploring Hidden Japanese Folklore (2024)

Japanese mythology is one of my favourites and one of the best media companies in Japan, NHK, has several short documentaries on various types of Yokai and a look into Japanese mythology in general.

This is one of the most recent ones out of these mythology documentaries and if you have any interest in Japan then these are definitely worth watching.

This is one of the episodes.

Celtic Myths (2001)

“Celtic Myths” is a documentary series that explores the rich tapestry of Celtic mythology, which encompasses the myths, legends, and folklore of the Celtic peoples across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, and other regions.

In “Celtic Myths,” you are taken on a journey through the ancient Celtic world, encountering a colourful cast of characters including gods, goddesses, heroes, and supernatural beings. The series delves into the origins of Celtic mythology, its unique themes and motifs, and its enduring influence on art, literature, and culture.

Through expert commentary, dramatic reenactments, and breathtaking visuals of Celtic landscapes and archaeological sites, “Celtic Myths” brings these ancient stories to life, giving you a deeper understanding of the beliefs and traditions of the Celtic peoples.

The Storyteller: Greek Myths (1991)

I absolutely love this one, partly because I have memories of seeing this as a young teenager.

“Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Greek Myths” combines live-action storytelling with intricate puppetry and imaginative sets, and is focused on retelling Greek myths. Each episode of this series dramatized a different Greek myth, bringing to life the adventures of gods, heroes, and monsters from ancient Greek mythology.

This gives a great look at the rich and colourful tapestry of Greek mythology.

You can watch all the episodes for free on YouTube.

Episode one:

Ancient Gods of Egypt (2017)

“Ancient Gods of Egypt” is a documentary that explores the mythology, religious beliefs, and cultural significance of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

It explores various aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization, including the pantheon of gods and goddesses, religious practices, rituals, and the role of mythology in shaping Egyptian society.

Great Mythologies of the World (2015)

I’m putting this one at the end because it’s more of an “educational” documentary series. “Great Mythologies of the World” was produced by The Great Courses, and offers an in-depth exploration of the most prominent mythological traditions from around the globe.

This series covers a wide range of mythologies, including but not limited to:

  1. Ancient Egyptian Mythology
  2. Greek Mythology
  3. Norse Mythology
  4. Hindu Mythology
  5. Chinese Mythology
  6. Native American Mythology
  7. African Mythology
  8. Mesopotamian Mythology
  9. Celtic Mythology
  10. Japanese Mythology (one of my favourites)
  11. And more…

Each lecture in the series is led by an expert in the respective mythology, providing a detailed examination of its origins, key myths, religious significance, cultural impact, and historical context. Through engaging lectures, visual aids, and illustrative storytelling, you can gain a deeper understanding of the mythologies discussed.

“Great Mythologies of the World” is great for exploring the diverse range of mythological traditions that have shaped human culture and belief systems throughout history.


These mythology documentaries offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of human myth, spanning continents, cultures, and epochs, and provide valuable insights into the human condition and our fascination with the fantastic and the divine.

I am sure that this selection of documentaries will give a good insight into the world of mythology for you.

Also, be sure to search around on YouTube where you can find many great mythology documentaries created by YouTubers.

For more mythology have a look at the 20 best mythology movies to watch.

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