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Japan Guide

Japan is one of my passions in life.

Out of around 90 or so countries I have visited now it’s still my favourite overall. I have spent several months there so far. It just has so much to offer.

Writing a constantly updated Japan guide is something I have always wanted to do.

Although this site has primarily focused on adventure travel, turning a lot of what I write about more geared towards Japan is where I want to direct this site more.

I’ll break this down into sections covering all the different places of the country along with the culture of Japan. From the old, to the modern.

Links will be included to all relevant articles about each area.

As well as myself writing here various other writers and friends who are experts on travel in Japan will also help contribute.

Japan is a country of contrasts. You literally have it all.

Head to the far south on Japans islands such as Okinawa and you will find tropical beaches and warm sun year-round.

Go to the far north in Hokkaido and you will have stunning hiking opportunities in summer, and freezing winter snow, making for excellent ski/snowboarding in Japan.

In between all that is the main tourist areas of Tokyo and Kyoto, steeped in the traditional old and pulsing with the vibrant new.

Add in samurai castles, remote hot springs, and delicious food, and it really is the perfect destination.

Plus you feel like you have landed on another planet.

Getting to Japan

Tokyo and Osaka are the main cities to enter Japan by air. If you are travelling around Asia, especially Southeast-Asia or Eastern China area, then there are many budget airlines flying to Japan.

Nagoya is another city that you can find budget flights to, and it sits neatly in between Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka.

Getting Around Japan

Japan is best explored by train, especially if you plan to move around a lot.

Getting a Japan Rail Pass in advance will save you money and also allow for travel on the excellent Shinkansen trains.

What to Pack for Japan

Packing is a personal thing. Some like to travel light (like me), others will want to carry more things with them.

I personally always recommend using a backpack for travel as they are super comfy and allow you to walk around without getting moving between places.

This is what I recommend as a checklist of things to take with you for Japan. It details what to take as luggage that is useful, but also practical things related to just Japan.

Regions of Japan and Other Stuff

Click on any of these to be taken to the region of Japan for articles on it.

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