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What It’s Like In A Japanese Capsule Hotel – Sci Fi Attack!

I remember watching one of George Lucas’s first movies called THX1138, set in a dystopian future where everyone conforms to the system living underground in a sci-fi city.

My first night in a capsule hotel in Japan the memory of that movie came into my head.

Not that they were shoving mood controlling drugs in you while robot police chase you around (would have been fun) but because of the conformity I was feeling.

Staying in a capsule hotel in Japan is right out of a sci-fi movie.

There are many capsule hotels all over Japan often used by people who got drunk and missed their last train home.

They are a convenient and mostly cheap option. This one in the post cost $28 for the night.

You can search for where you can find Japanese capsule hotels here, and book them if you wish to try the experience.


The Japanese Capsule Hotel

Upon entering you take your shoes off at the front (like most Japanese places) and are given a key to a locker where you store your bag. Many places will provide you with pyjamas to wear and towels to use.

This capsule hotel is in the centre of Osaka and has 400 capsules!

Yes 400 people inside their own little pods wearing exactly the same pyjamas.

It’s kind of freaky.


The capsules are normally one on top of another and men and women are most of the time separated on different floors or rooms.

You drag yourself into the pod.

capsule hotel osaka

You have everything you need with pillow and duvet, and some come with there own built in TV.

It’s actually quite cosy inside and air-conditioning keeps things cool.

capsule hotel osaka

Control for the lights, TV, radio, alarm.


They normally come with large baths which everyone shares in the Japanese way (naked). This one in Osaka even had a sauna, all included in the price.

It’s definitely an experience everyone should try once while in Japan. I’ll never get over the feeling of being in a sci-fi movie in these things.

I recommend using SafetyWing Travel Insurance for your trip, just in case, it’s best to be prepared.

capsule hotel osaka

Book a Japanese capsule hotel here.

capsule hotel japan

9 thoughts on “What It’s Like In A Japanese Capsule Hotel – Sci Fi Attack!”

  1. That’s an awesome experience mate! We went to Japan last summer but unfortunately had no chance to sleep in one of these capsule hotels. Too bad. I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Yeah the great thing in Japan is there’s so much to see and do. It’s my second trip here and I’ve spent over 2 months in the country and there’s so much more I want to experience. It’s just one of those places you have to keep coming back to. I tell people to come just for the food alone!!!

  3. i stayed 2 nights in a capsule hotel and while the living space was all good, the congestion in the locker rooms plus the restricted space to store valuable stuff such as my travel bass will mean i wont stay there again. however i did enjoy the japanese porn station on the tele. if anything that was my highlight and amazingly it was only thing available in my capsule.

  4. dude the food is horrible for a vegetarian. you should warn them about that. its the only reason i wouldnt stay there for along time. i had huge gastro issues due to the poor choices available there

  5. Why warn people when I don’t know much about the subject of being a vegetarian there. I eat loads of meat so know how to write about that!

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