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Hunza Valley Pics (The Enchanted Land)

The Hunza Valley is a magical place quite different from that of the rest of Pakistan. These are some Hunza Valley pics to show you the beauty of the place.

It’s not just the valley itself but the places just up from the valley like glaciers and mountains that roam just above.

Hunza Valley Pics


Karimabad is the main hub of the Hunza Valley and where most people stay and makes a good base for exploring other parts of the valley.

Hunza Valley.

Hunza valley Karimabad
Hunza valley pics
Hunza valley Diran mountain

Looking up to Ultar Mountain.

Hunza valley ultar mountain

Part of Baltit Fort.

baltit fort
ultar mountain
ultar mountain

Rakaposhi Mountain looms over the Hunza Valley.


Autumn colours in Karimabad.


Ladyfinger in Karimabad.

ladyfinger peak karimabad

Diran Mountain.

Diran mountain
Hunza valley autumn

Baltit Fort looks down over all Karimabad.

baltit fort


Rakaposhi is the largest mountain in the Hunza Valley area and looms over it. 

It’s a long day hike to get to Rakaposhi Basecamp and back, or camp overnight at the base camp to get closer to this epic mountain.

Rakaposhi base camp Pakistan
Rakaposhi base camp
Rakaposhi base camp
Rakaposhi base camp
Rakaposhi camping


Passu is the furthest northern end of the Hunza Valley and is known for its famed Passu Cones mountain.

Passu Glacier Hunza valley pics

Passu Glacier.

Passu Glacier

Passu Glacier makes for an excellent day hike.

Passu Glacier

Passu Cones.

passu cones mountains

Apples are one of the main fruits of the Hunza Valley.


Would you?

passu suspension bridge

The People of Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley people are friendly and welcoming and are some of the healthiest people in the world. They are strong mountain people.

people of Hunza valley mountaineer

Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley really is an enchanting place and with any visit to northern Pakistan, it should be on your list to visit.

For more reading on Pakistan check out my Pakistan destinations page.

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Hunza valley pics Pakistan

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