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Osh Kyrgyzstan (Things To Do In One Day)

Have 1-2 days in Osh Kyrgyzstan and want to know what to do: I have visited Osh many times and this is what I recommend for you to do.

Osh is one of those cities that travellers to Kyrgyzstan seem to spend just a day in to either head to China or coming from China to other parts of Kyrgyzstan, and others organising a road trip across the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.

I enjoy stopping in Osh (I’ve been around 6 times now) for a few days when passing through and even though there isn’t a hell of a lot to see it’s a nice little city to hang out in.

So if I was going to have only one day in Osh this is what I would get up to.




ThingsTo Do In Osh Kyrgyzstan In One Day

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On top of Mount Sulaiman – Too

Speaking about the market this is one of my favourite areas of Osh.

Right in the centre of the city it’s got loads of fresh fruit, meat, bread, vegetables, clothes, etc. Delicious dates, pistachios, apricots, walnuts, and so on are so cheap and good.

All around the market there are plenty of shashlik (meat on metal skewers cooked over a coal fire) places that are great tasting. In fact Osh is my favourite place in Kyrgyzstan for shashlik as it’s not only tasty but very reasonably priced.

The mince meat shashlik go for only 30 com for one (around 50 US cents).

So what I would suggest is getting to the market for around midday, buying some fruit and fresh warm bread, grab a couple of minced meat shashlik then walk a few minutes to the park nearby.

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Ohh bazaar.

Head across the river towards Mount -Sulaiman – Too direction for a minute then turn left and you will get into the best park in Kyrgyzstan.

It’s a narrow park that runs for around 500 metres and the whole way is packed with fun fair rides and games. Many are just for children but you can get on some.

I like to sit in the park people watching as I eat the food I got from the market, followed by maybe some gaming.

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The park on a busy day.
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Playing chess in the park.

After this head again in Mount -Sulaiman – Too direction going uphill a little bit and go past the university to a park/square which is near where you can start to head up the mountain.

Look for the ex-Soviet CCCP plane in the park on the way.

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Mount Sulaiman – Too overlooks Osh and is practically part of the city. It’s a nice climb up to get a great viewpoint across the city.  Chill up there for a while and then head back to the point where you started the climb.

Head back to the nearby university and take a right and walk for several minutes and you will reach a statue of Lenin, which is great for a photo.

If like me you love coffee and have been deprived of any good one for a while due to being in remote places then nearby the Lenin statue is a (I’m very pleased to say) new coffeehouse called Brio with decent coffee and the fastest wifi I found in the city.

Great for getting your coffee fix and internet hit. Many students go there to study.

After this head back through the fanfare park in the evening and grab some more food at the cheap cafes near the market, or ask for other recommendations and maybe take a taxi there or back to your place that you’re staying in.

Taxis are very cheap in Osh and so a great option at the end of the day.

Osh Kyrgyzstan

Like I said in the beginning Osh doesn’t have that much to see, partly why many people just pass through quickly, but just hanging out, eating loads of great and cheap food, meeting some people in the parks, and generally taking it quite easy, is the reason I am quite happy to hang around for a few days, although I understand that one day is plenty to see everything.

I recommend using SafetyWing Travel Insurance for your trip, just in case, it’s best to be prepared.

Damn, now I wish I was having one of those shashliks and sitting in Osh park. Next time 😉

I hope that gives you an idea of how to spend a day in Osh.

As mentioned in the beginning Osh is one of the starting points for the Pamir Highway across Tajikistan so be sure to check out my guide for the Pamir Highway.


More info on Osh here.

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