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Hiking The Stunning Seven Sisters Walk In England

The Seven Sisters Walk in the south of England is a beautiful day hike taking in white cliffs and shingled beaches. This is what it is like with some tips on how to do it.

It’s one of the best day hikes in southern England that you can do.

It’s located between Eastbourne and Brighton (around 30 minutes from Brighton) in the South Downs National Park and the stunning white cliffs are specifically between Cuckmere Haven to Birling Gap.

The name “Seven Sisters” refers to a series of chalk cliffs that form part of the trail. These cliffs are a prominent feature of the area and are known for their white, chalky appearance. Each cliff has been named individually, and they are often described as the Seven Sisters:

  1. Haven Brow
  2. Short Bottom
  3. Rough Brow
  4. Brass Point
  5. Flagstaff Point
  6. Bailey’s Hill
  7. Went Hill

Starting The Seven Sisters Walk

The best time to do the Seven Sisters Walk is mid-spring until the beginning of Autumn as this is when the weather is best.

You can do the Seven Sisters Walk year-round but the winter can be cold and windy, as well as rainy. Although being England you can expect possible bad weather even in summer. Check the weather conditions before setting out, as the trail can become muddy and slippery during wet or winter seasons.

Note: The Seven Sisters Walk area is protected, so it’s important to leave no trace. Take any litter with you and avoid damaging or disturbing the flora and fauna.

The route that is best taken is to walk from Seaford to Eastbourne. This is roughly a 13.4-mile walk so can be done slowly over several hours allowing time for breaks, or if going fast you can make it a half-day trip.

But trust me, go slowly and enjoy those views. Also, try and start the Seven Sisters Walk going from Seaford to Eastbourne direction for the best views. You can customize your route by selecting specific sections based on your preferences and fitness level.

The best way to reach the trailhead is by car and park at the Seaford Esplanade Car Park. Otherwise, you can take a bus to Seaford and then walk around 10 minutes to the trailhead.

You could start the Seven Sisters hike from Cuckmere Haven or Birling Gap which would be a shorter walk but you will miss some of the scenery in the area.

The Seven Sisters Walk is well-marked with signposts and waymarkers along the route. Pay attention to these markers to stay on track and avoid getting lost.

It’s a challenging but rewarding walk, suitable for those who enjoy hiking and want to experience the beauty of the English coastline.

There are several access points along the way, allowing you to customize the length of your hike if you don’t want to do it all, however as mentioned before, you would be missing out on some stunning coastline in parts if you don’t do it all.

The hike along the Seven Sisters offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. You can expect to see rolling hills, picturesque villages, and panoramic vistas of the sea.

Start from Seaford and then follow the trail which runs side by side with the cliffs at the Seaford Head Nature Reserve and involves some uphill of the cliffs. Further along by Hope Gap, it’s possible to go down to the beach.

From Hope Gap, you continue to Cuckmere Haven which is one of the most beautiful stretches of the hike where you get epic views of the cliffs. You can head down to Cuckmere Beach when there.

At low tide, you can walk across a river that runs through the beach as it will be dry then but at high tide, unless you like to swim, you can follow the river inland and you will reach a bridge to cross by the Cuckmere Inn.

Continue to Birling Gap from there and you will walk along the cliff trail until you reach a visitor centre and shop at Birling Gap.

Keep going and you will reach Bella Toute Lighthouse where you can enjoy an ice cream before continuing along the cliffs until you reach Beachy Head Lighthouse.

The Belle Toute Lighthouse these days is a luxury bed and breakfast so if you want to enjoy staying on the Seven Cliffs then this is a great place to do it.

The Beachy Head Lighthouse is one of the most scenic places in all of the Seven Sisters Walk.

Belle Toute Lighthouse in the distance.

The Beachy Head Lighthouse is seen from the Seven Sisters cliffs.

seven sisters walk - white cliffs

When you reach the Belle Toute Lighthouse you’ll have epic views down from the cliffs.

The Belle Toute Lighthouse these days is a luxury bed and breakfast so if you want to enjoy staying on the Seven Cliffs then this is a great place to do it.

After Beachy Head just keep on going and you will have a few different paths to choose from to get you into Eastbourne where you can finish the hike. Keep going until Eastbourne promenade which is the best way to end the walk.

And that’s it, one of the best coastal day hikes in England that you can do.

The Seven Sisters Walk is a great opportunity to explore the beauty of the English countryside, witness stunning coastal scenery, and enjoy being outdoors by the sea.

The Seven Sisters Walk

The Seven Sisters Walk as you can see is one of the best short walks in southern England that you can do in the South Downs National Park.

If you are planning to walk the Seven Sisters then I hope this article has helped you with your trip. Just remember to hike responsibly and enjoy the stunning natural beauty along the Seven Sisters Walk.

For more reading on destinations in Britain take a look at my guide for Britain. I particularly recommend coastal walks in Cornwall where some of the best seaside hikes can be found (and where some of my family are from!)

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