Wandering through a Chinatown anywhere in the world is a feast for the eyes, and Bangkoks Chinatown is one of the best. Walking down Yaowarat street, the main road in the area, you will find a place of bustling side streets and alleys all converging onto the main road, which is full of restaurants and stalls selling all kinds of delicious food.

Food stalls in Bangkok Chinatown

During the day you will see all the market traders selling their wares, squishing yourself down cramped alleys to get from one to another, before opening up onto a street that could lead you to more market chaos, or a peaceful temple complex.

The best way to experience Bangkok’s Chinatown is to just go with the flow. Just loose yourself in the mass of people, and see where you end up at the end. Grab a tasty snack to keep your energy going, and some fresh juice to fight of the heat of the day.

Street food being cooked up in Bangkok's Chinatown.

The area is huge and a very historical part of Bangkok, with old buildings and temples to show for over two centuries of trading. Take a break from the hustle and bustle and relax inside a temple area for a while. The area is very multicultural as well, with an Indian community nearby.

Another great area to explore in Bangkok is Khao San Road.

Bangkok Chinatown at night.

As is the case with many cities the best time to visit is at night, when more food stalls and restaurants are open, and the locals and tourists alike flock to grab dinner. Here you can eat a huge variety of food, including birds nest soup if you want to give it a try, and have a few cool beers to wash it all down.

Bangkok Chinatown.

The energy at night is infectious, and you can easily find yourself walking up and down Yaowarat street a number of times to take it all in. And why just have one meal whilst there, when you can find cheap small portion food stalls, giving the hungry traveller the chance to try a few different dishes.

Sweet stall in Chinatown.

Let’s not forget about the sweet deserts on display! Yes you can tantalise your taste buds to nirvana here, with all sorts of scrumptious treats to devour. Again it is best to eat small portions to allow for a larger variety to be tried. Make sure to try some roasted chestnuts, a favourite for sure.

So if you ever find yourself in Bangkok, then make sure to make it to Chinatown when there. If you want to see more and taste more of Bangkok consider seeing by bike.

You will be rewarded with one of the most vibrant parts of the city, and some of the best food you can eat!

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