Sometimes photos are better than words, so here are some of the people I have met on my journey through Ethiopia. The photos of the tribal people at the end of the post are from my trip in 2010, all the rest are from my most recent visit. It is a beautiful country full of different landscapes and amazing and diverse cultures. It can be at times hard and challenging travel, but it is well worth it. I will definitely be back again sometime.

priest tigray

Monk in Tigray region

girl lake tana

Girl at Lake Tana

traditional dressed women mekele

Traditionally dressed women in Mekele

priest tigray

Priest in Tigray

afar child danakil

Afar child in Danakil

woman bahir dar market ethiopia

Old woman at Bahir Dar market

boy in harar ethiopia

Teenager sells samosas in Harar

hamar tribe woman ethiopia

Hamar woman in south-west Ethiopia

child bahir dar ethiopia

Young boy in Bahir Dar

hamar tribe

Hamar tribe

I hope you enjoyed my posts on Ethiopia and make a trip there someday yourself, you wont regret it!



Jonny Duncan is a travel blogger and freelance photographer. He specialises in adventure and budget travel with over 20 years of experience. He started blogging in 2013 to give advice for other travellers. He has lived in Japan, Amsterdam, Kiev, and more.

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