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Eagles Nest Hunza Viewpoint and Hiking

The Eagles Nest Hunza is a hotel and viewpoint with some of the best views of the Hunza Valley in the Karakorum mountain range of northern Pakistan

It also has some good short hikes from it and can be reached from the main nearby town of Karimabad, which is where most people base themselves in the Hunza Valley.

Eagles Nest Hunza

The Eagles Nest in the Hunza Valley is easy to reach if you have your own transport as it’s only a 10-15 minute uphill drive from the town of Altit which is the neighboring town to Karimabad and they are almost right next to each other.

If you don’t have your own transport then you can pay a taxi to take you up there and back for around 2000 rupees but it’s also easy enough to hitch a ride up there which is what we did.

The other option is to hike up, either along the main road up from Altit or from behind Baltit Fort in Karimabad where there is a trail that takes around 1-2 hours to hike to Eagles Nest.

We hitched a ride up and hiked back down along the trail.

When at the top head up a small hill behind Eagles Nest for a few minutes for the best views of the mountains and valley.

The best time to visit Eagles Nest Hunza is at sunrise or sunset. We did it at sunset.

Eagles Nest Hunza nestled into the side of the mountain.

eagles nest hotel Hunza Valley

View across mountains from the hill above Eagles Nest.

Karakorum mountains Pakistan

Great views to Ultar mountain and Ladyfinger.

Ultar Peak and Lady Finger Karimabad

Sunset in the Hunza Valley from Eagles Nest.

sunset Eagles Nest Hunza

Part of the hiking trail from Eagles Nest to Baltit Fort in Karimabad. Autumn in Hunza is one of the best times to be there.

hiking Karimabad

Part of the scenery on the hike down.

Karakorum Mountains Pakistan

Baltit Fort from behind.

hiking Ultar Mountain

Baltit Fort.

Baltit Fort Karimabad Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley 

The Eagles Nest is a place you should visit if you are in Karimabad and the Hunza Valley for some of the best views.

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eagles nest Hunza Valley pakistan

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