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5 Best Castles In Maine To Visit

These are the five best castles in Maine to visit that have interesting stories, and some of them that you can even stay at.

When you think of Maine you may not necessarily think of castles but there are castles in Maine that, although maybe not very impressive compared with other castles, are certainly worth visiting if you have an interest in history and castles.

The first castle on the list is definitely a top one to go to.

Norumbega Inn

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The Norumbega Inn would be the number one choice of castles in Maine to visit and you can stay there as well these days as it’s a bed and breakfast.

It’s located in Camden and dates back to 1886 and is one of the most striking buildings you can see in the state. If there were just one of the castles in Maine you want to see then make it this one and stay the night as well.

You can book a room at the Norumbega Inn here.

Address: The Norumbega Inn, 63 High St, Camden.

It’s open to visitors if you plan to stay there, although, of course, you can see it from the outside and reception area.

Oaklands Castle

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Oaklands Castle is an interesting gothic revival designed historic mansion house in Gardiner, Maine, and is also known as Gardiner Castle.

The mansion house dates back to 1835 and after the Norumbega Inn, Oaklands Castle is the 2nd choice for the best castles in Maine to visit.

Address: Gardiner Castle, Gardiner

Beckett’s Castle

Beckett’s Castle is located in Cape Elizabeth and is one of the spookiest castles in Maine as it is reportedly haunted by the man who built it in 1874, a lawyer from Portland called Sylvester Beckett. It’s done in the Gothic architectural style.

These days it’s a privately owned summer house.

Address: 7 Singles Rd, Cape Elizabeth

It’s a private house and not open to visitors.

Mann Castle

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Mann Castle is actually a library, the West Paris Public Library to be exact. The architecture of the building was designed to resemble a castle tower when it was built in 1926.

It is definitely a unique building to see, and certainly is one of the better-looking castles in Maine, despite its small size.

Address: 226 Main St, West Paris

Castle Tucker

Castle Tucker is the oldest of the castles in Maine, dating back to 1807. These days it is a museum where you can see how the people of the time lived their lives.

Address: 2 Lee St, Wiscasset.

It’s open to visitors to the museum.

And one extra:

Victoria Mansion

Victoria Mansion is located in downtown Portland and isn’t really a castle as such but the excellent architecture example from its time is worth seeing if you have an interest in historic building architecture.

Portland itself is a good city to visit in Maine so why not stop by while there and take a look.

Best Castles In Maine

If you’re living in Maine or heading there for a holiday and want to see some unique historic buildings in the region then be sure to check out these castles in Maine when there.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article it’s highly recommended to stay at the Norumbega Inn if you have a real interest in the historic buildings of Maine, and in this particular case, the castles in Maine.

Maine has some of the best historic buildings in the country and a long history, so be sure to visit someday!

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