Islamabad is a foodies paradise and these are some of the best restaurants in Islamabad to get your food fix when there.

They cover the neighbourhoods of F10 through to F6 and the Blue Area which are the most popular spots, as well as a few others.

It’s not just Pakistani food related either as we tried many different types of food.

Naturally this will not cover every restaurant in Islamabad!

This is just a selection of some of our favourite places and the ones we recommend for you.




Restaurants in Islamabad






Kabul Restaurant




The Kabul Restaurant in the first place Sidra (my wife who is from Islamabad) took me to on my first visit to the city and I can see why.

The food is awesome!

It’s an Afghan restaurant as with Afghanistan being a neighbouring country there is a lot of that food option available.


Very hungry and ready to eat at Kabul Restaurant.

kabul restaurant islamabad


A combination of meatballs, kebab and rice, naan bread and assorted chutneys.

kabul restaurant pakistan


The waiter brings kebabs and naan bread.

afghan restaurant islamabad


Kabul restaurant address:

Hotel، Plot No. 17, F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market,





Burger Fest




Looking for the best burger in Islamabad?

Look no further than Burger Fest.


burger fest islamabad


It’s a very tasty burger and also open late so you can get your midnight munchies in.


burger fest hamburger


Right next to Burger Fest is a small kulfi ice cream place which makes the perfect dessert for after the burger.


Eating kulfi ice cream. I believe it was so good I started spacing out on the flavour, hence the expression!


kulfi ice cream


Burger fest Islamabad address:

In the F-7 Markaz. You will find it ask around.





Quetta Tea N Teas 




Quetta Tea N Tea is in the F10 area which is the perfect place to hang out either for a breakfast chai (tea) or an evening meal and enjoy the night vibe of a busy neighbourhood.


Morning chai at Quetta Tea.

chai Quetta tea


Although Quetta do their own naan there is a small AfghanI naan place just a minute walk away that has the best naan we had in the city so get takeaway from there and bring with you.

They didn’t mind us doing this.


Sidra getting naan.

naan f10


Quetta Tea N Teas address:

Margalla plaza, ground floor، Sumbal Rd, F 10/3 F-10





F10 Market Area




Ok this isn’t a specific restaurant recommended but the whole F10 market area as there are so many good places all near each other to try.

It’s our favourite area in Islamabad for food in general.


F10 market area restaurants


There are awesome Afghan restaurants mixed in with local Pakistani.

The sajji chicken is the best I had.


Sajji chicken.

sajji chicken



Sidra and I having fresh juice at night with a local friend.


f10 market food islamabad


You can grab a very cheap and tasty street stall biryani for lunch in the area although you may end up sharing a little bit with a cat!


biryani f10 area



Just head to the F10 area near the entrance to F9 park and there you will find the food nightlife on 2 different sides to the Main Street that runs down the area.





Butt Karahi Islamabad Tikka F-8 Markaz




Butt karahi in Islamabad is basically a chicken masala and can be found all over in Pakistan however in the F8 market area there are numerous street side restaurants serving up literally the freshest butt karahi you could have.

Fresh because you can actually choose your own live chicken that you want to eat.

There are cages in the street with chickens and you choose which one you want and they will kill it right there, de feather it, cut the meat up into pieces and fry it in masala sauces before serving it to you.

You can watch the whole thing if you like and if it sounds ‘gruesome’ to you just remember where that packaged chicken you get in supermarkets come from.

At least here you can see the chicken killed quickly and humanely.

Of course if you don’t want to see all that you can just get pre-killed chicken.


Cooking the butt karahi.

chicken kahari pakistan


It’s seriously delicious and some of the best chicken you can get in Pakistan.


The finished butt karahi.

chicken kahari F7



This one is called Butt Karahi Tikka F-8 Markaz. You will find it in Google Maps.





Second Cup & Burning Brownie Cafes




If you’re looking for a good coffeeshop in Islamabad then Second Cup and Burning Brownie are 2 of the best places to go.

There are a few Second Cups, the best ones being in Safa Gold Mall and Centaurus Mall, whereas Burning Brownie has 2 locations, one in F11 and one in F6.

If you work online or want to catch up with online stuff in general they make perfect places to do that with a relaxed cafe environment.

Second cup had the best of the coffees.


Outside on the terrace of Burning Brownie in F11 neighbourhood.

burning brownie islamabad


burning brownie


Second Cup Coffee.

second cup cafe


Second Cup address:

Safe Gold Mall and Centaurus Mall.


Original Burning Brownie address:

 Shop No. 66, Beverly Centre، Nazim-ud-din Road،









Islamabad is well known for its many good bakeries and I tried pretty much most of them and the overall favourite, and what seems to be the best sweet food place in Islamabad overall, is Tehzeeb.


Outside one of the Tehzeeb’s.

tehzeeb bakery



Awesome selection of sweet treats.

tehzeeb sweets



tehzeeb sweets pakistan



There are a few Tehzeeb bakeries in Islamabad (same company) so Google Maps search ‘Tehzeeb Islamabad’ and you will see them come up.





Ox and Grill Steakhouse




Need a steak fix?

Our local friend took us to the Ox and Grill and it’s one of the best steaks I had had in a long time.


ox grill islamabad


Ok, if you’re short on time in Islamabad I would give it a miss and stick to f10 market etc to get a more local vibe and awesome food, but if you have longer there and craving a steak then this makes a very good choice.


13-S First Floor, Sharoon Plaza، College Rd, F 7 Markaz F-7





Monal Restaurant 




Monal is one of the most famous restaurants in Islamabad, if not the most famous.

This is down mostly to its location in the surrounding hills of Islamabad giving epic views across the city.

We actually didn’t eat there as we had other plans but stopped in for the view.

But as it is so popular we are recommending it to go to enjoy dinner with the best view of Islamabad.


Part of Monal Restaurants dining area with a view onto Islamabad.

Monal restaurant islamabad


Some of the eating area has very comfy seating arrangements!

Monal pakistan


Monal address:

9KM Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad





Pakistani Food




As you can see Islamabad is the perfect place in Pakistan for foodies as it covers the best of foods and especially Pakistani food.

When you are in Islamabad take a look at what I recommend to do in Islamabad when there.

If you need a hotel in Islamabad you can find places to stay in Islamabad here.

If you want more about of food in Pakistan then check out this post about the famous Nisar Charsi Tikka in Peshawar.

Also be sure to take some travel insurance for your trip to Pakistan (get with that link).


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