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The Best Day Trips From Split (Croatia Travel)

The Croatian coast is a long one dotted with many islands, 1244 to be precise and these are some of the best day trips from Split, which is the second-largest Croatian town and the largest one on the coast.

It is a very popular tourist destination and a base for exploring south Croatia for many visitors.

Split is a very accessible destination, by land, sea, and especially air since many low-cost airlines operate from its airport.

Blessed by very beautiful nature and many old, stone Mediterranean towns around it there are many options for adventure trips in the Split area.

When you think of the Croatian coast, think of the original Mediterranean, beautiful blue sea, green pines and the sound of cicadas everywhere.

Best Day Trips From Split

Island Hopping  

The most popular Croatian islands lie just in front of Split. Island hopping tour is a must when in Split. Whether it’s a day trip to Hvar Island, Brač, Korčula, etc., or a multiday cruise in the Split aquarium a visit to the islands is a must-do activity.

Do not miss a chance to visit the Golden Horn, the most iconic Croatian beach on the island of Brač, or the old town of Hvar carved in stone lace, while the rest of the island is covered in lavender fields. Korčula island is the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo, and his house is open for a visit.

Medieval towers and fortifications of Korčula still guard this old town today. You can easily book a multiday cruise or chose one of the many day trips available from the harbour.

Visit The Blue Cave

best day trips from Split Croatia
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Blue cave on Biševo island is one of the most iconic places to visit in Croatia.

This natural phenomenon lies in the Split region near the remote Vis island. Blue cave is actually located near Vis on a small islet of Biševo.

Sunlight that is reflected trough rocks and sea creates an amazing blue phenomenon illuminating the cave. There are many day tour options from the Split harbour to visit the Blue Cave, you can do a whole day trip with lunch and swim stops or just a quick visit and back.

If you are located on the Vis island there are many private boats that will take you to Biševo and back. 


Visit Klis Fort

Klis Fort day trip from Split
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In the hinterlands of Split in the steep mountain passes lies the Medieval fort of Klis.

Its exact origin has not been determined yet, it is presumed it was first built in the period of the Roman Empire, however, it was destroyed and rebuilt many times during the past.

It was mostly used during the middle ages when the Venetians fortified it to serve as a defence against the Ottomans. Today Klis fort is an important tourist attraction and it was even used as a film set in the popular Game of Thrones TV series recently.

It’s a short ride from Split, you can even take a guided tour and listen to the story of its past or take a Game of Thrones tour and see the exact locations where they filmed it.

Once there you will be rewarded with the most amazing view of Split and the surrounding islands.

Take a Day Trip to Krka Waterfalls

Krka waterfalls day trip from Split
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Some 80 km north of Split lies the Krka Waterfalls National Park. The magical, natural phenomenon of cascading water in emerald green nature.

Krka river carved its way through the karst landscape on its way to the sea. On its path, seven waterfalls created a beautiful natural scenario that attracts many tourists each year.

There are pawned paths and trails along the park, and you can also swim near the largest waterfall. There are several ethnic monuments where traditions of the old times are preserved, showing how people used to live here in the past.

Do not miss a chance to visit a Christian monastery on the Visovac island as well as the Orthodox church with the most beautiful gardens. 

Head South to Omiš Town

omiš from Split
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Only 21 kilometres south of Split you will find the most picturesque little town called Omiš. The town itself is truly a peculiar sight.

Cetina river carved its path between tall mountains and on its estuary, a small town of Omiš was founded. Notorious for its pirates in the past Omiš today attracts many visitors to its beaches.

In addition, many nature lovers love to explore the nearby Cetina river canyon and many climbers find the nearby mountains heaven for Alpine climbing.

Fortica (Starigrad) fort is easily accessible, only 20 minutes climbing from the town and there are many signs along the path so you won’t get lost.

Mirabela (Peovica) forth stands guard just above the old town centre. It’s a 4 storey forth with a lookout on the top for tourists.

The view is amazing and it’s only a 10-minute walk from the town centre. 

Explore The Cetina River Canyon

Cetina river is a true emerald gem that carved its path through the steep karst landscape of central Dalmatia.

The amazing nature of this nature reserve has been protected since 1963. The river is just over 100 kilometres long and it offers many adventures on its path, from the incredible exciting zipline to rafting, kayaking and hiking.

Along the river’s trail, you will discover the old abandoned mills and forts dating back to medieval times. Some of them have been restored and are open for a visit.

Hiking trails can be challenging at some parts so make sure you have the right equipment, a high-quality hiking backpack is a smart choice.

There are many options for organized tours from Split and surrounding towns, for those looking for adventure Cetina river is a must-do!


The split region is blessed with amazing nature and there are many options for adventure sports like Zipline.

Zipline in Omiš offers a unique experience of zip lining over the canyon of the Cetina river. The entire trail is around 2 kilometres and it is comprised of 8 steel wires.

The longest one is 700 meters and the height is 150 meters above the ground. In the hinterlands of Split on the Kozjak mountain there is another adrenaline adventure on 6 lines.

The entire trail is around 2,5 kilometres and you will enjoy the views of Split and the nearby islands.

There are walks in between the lines where you get to learn about the local flora and fauna. 


Visit Trogir 

Another one of the iconic picturesque Dalmatian towns lie in the vicinity of Split, just 15 kilometres west.

The old town of Trogir has its roots in the times of the ancient Greeks, and its long history holds records Roman and Venetian eras who all of contributed to the present-day look of the town.

Forts and towers of Trogir will make you think you are in the middle ages again, the most famous is the Kamerlengo tower on the southwest edge of town.

The historical charm of Trogir will show you the original Mediterranean preserved in the narrow stone streets, palaces, monument, and stone art that can be seen on every corner.

Visit Makarska Riviera 

makarska from Split
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Makarska Riviera is a micro-region south of Split that extends some 53 kilometres South to West and has some of the most beautiful beaches and small coastal towns in Croatia.

In its hinterland is the tall Biokovo mountain which makes this a very narrow stretch of land and is often compared to Monaco region – tall mountains behind, beautiful coast and the blue sea in front.

Makarska region is a symbol for some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, crystal clear blue water and a pebbly shore.

It is easy to reach by bus from Split, you can make a day trip there and back.  

Take a Day Trip to Dubrovnik

Probably the most famous Croatian town, Dubrovnik is located only 200 kilometres south of Split. 

Dubrovnik makes for one of the best day trips from Split.

You can easily make a day trip by bus, it’s around 2 hours drive, however, have your passport ready because Croatia is “cut” near the Neum town by Bosnian border so technically you need to exit Croatia and then enter it again on way to Dubrovnik.

Once there you would want to take a walk on the medieval walls and towers of this magnificent town.

Dubrovnik was also a set for the Game of Thrones TV series where scenes for King’s Landing were filmed.


Head Over to Bosnia and Visit Mostar

mostar day trip
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Venture a bit deeper into Balkans, head over to nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina and visit charming medieval town of Mostar.

Less than 150 kilometres from Split this can also be a nice day trip. Mostar is a fascinating town, the old city centre with stone bridge and towers over the Neretva River.

The entire town is a live reminder of a past not so far when the old Ottoman Empire ruled here. Hence there is a strong Muslim presence here and the town is divided into Christian and Muslim part.

People of Mostar live in harmony today focused on tourism mostly and a visit to this town will make you feel as if you literally visited a Turkish town as much of their culture, tradition and food has its roots in the Ottoman era. 

Visiting Split and all the places nearby should definitely be part of your Croatia itinerary when you visit the country.

Travel To Split

 Split, Croatia is one of the best cities to visit in Europe and should be on your bucket list for that Mediterranean vibe.

Find places to stay in Split here.

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