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6 Best Backpacking Knives To Choose From

Backpacking knives or more appropriately ‘knives for backpacking with’ are an important part of your backpacking gear when out hiking in wilderness areas.

I’ve always carried a knife when hiking. If I know I’ll be in more remote places then I will take a larger knife like a Morakniv (see in the list) but otherwise, a small knife gets the job done.

Legal notice: Make sure you check the legal age which you can purchase knives in your country and the legal blade length for taking the knife out in public.

If you’re obviously prepared to be backpacking (with backpack and backpacking gear etc.) then the police should understand why you have a knife with you for backpacking purposes, but check the rules where you live first.

Disclaimer: There are some links in the article to where you can check the prices of these backpacking knives on Amazon. They are affiliate links which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

What makes for a good backpacking knife?

Personally, I have never used a multi-tool for backpacking as I’ve never felt the need for all those extra things that I would never use.

Just a good quality sharp blade, and maybe if getting a Swiss army knife the one with scissors and that’s it.

I mean multi-tools in the wilderness…. seriously are you planning to screw some bolts or something! A multi-tool when camping in the wild in a van makes sense. But not when hiking.

A good backpacking knife should be lightweight and small enough that it doesn’t add extra weight to your gear but gets the job done.

Anyway, to the best backpacking knives I recommend.

Mercator K55K Folding Pocket Knife

best backpacking knives

The Mercator K55K is a classic knife that has been made since 1867 and in my opinion, is the perfect knife for backpacking.

It’s small and very light but robustly built for all the basic backpacking needs you will need.

Victorinox Classic SD

best backpacking knives

As far as backpacking knives go you can’t go wrong with the famous Victorinox Classic SD.

There are many different types and sizes of this classic Swiss army knife so choose what one you think is best for you.

When I go ultralight hiking I find the small size one gets everything I needed to do done.

British Army Knife – Locking Blade

best backpacking knife

There’s nothing wrong with a good old army knife. After all, there’s a reason they give these to soldiers for hard conditions: they get the job done!

It will do all the basic stuff you will need.

Fallkniven TK4 Folding Pocket Knife

best backpacking knife

If you have the cash and truly want a great backpacking knife that’s also lightweight and of superb quality, then get the Fallkniven TK4.

Fallkniven is a Swedish company and they make excellent knives. The Swedish Air Force uses the Fallkniven F1 as their survival knife for pilots since 1995.

I have owned an F1 in the past and loved it.

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty MG

backpacking knives

As far as Morakniv goes they are legendary in the bushcraft community and the Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty MG is not just great for bushcraft and backpacking but also comes in at an excellent price.

This is a great backpacking knife with a fixed blade.

Spyderco SPY-C122GP Tenacious G-10

Spyderco is an American brand with a great reputation for knife making and I have used a few of their knives over the years for various tasks from a salt-proof knife for snorkelling to a small knife for backpacking.

They are excellent quality and well made and I never had a fault with any of them. They are easily some of my favourite backpacking knives as well.

When I spent time in the Alaskan wilderness I had with me my Morakniv Companion and a smaller knife from Spyderco to use for general camp stuff and as a backup.

The Spyderco SPY-C122GP Tenacious G-10 (what a name) is one of the best ones you can get for a backpacking knife.

Best Backpacking Knives

Be sure to take a knife for backpacking as they will come in useful when out in nature. Whether for cutting food or to help in repairing an item of gear, a backpacking knife is essential for your outdoor gear.

For more gear reviews take a look at the best backpacking axes and hatchets.

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